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    Man Trying to Sneak Into Concert Venue Impaled on Fence

    I think I'd have paid the $5.00.


    YORK, Pa. A man trying to climb a 12-foot, wrought-iron fence into a concert venue fell onto one of the inch-thick spikes, impaling his thigh, then held on while rescuers worked to cut part of the fence away.
    The man drifted in and out of consciousness as firefighters used hydraulic cutters to snap three of the spikes, but he was speaking as rescuers loaded him into an ambulance about 45 minutes later, said John Kottmyer, assistant chief of York fire and rescue service.
    "He had to actually try to hold himself up there," Kottmyer said.
    (more at link)
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    Duh. He needs to be thanking the police that no charges were filed. It was $5.00!

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    What an idiot..please tell me this was a young man and not some old fart who should of known better?

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    Perhaps he was trying for a Darwin award? Good grief, all that over $5 entry fee! Think how much was spent in EMS resources, police, etc.

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