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    Shane Simcox-the guy she was giving a ride home to-seems to be the main suspect. He refused to cooperate or take a lie detector test. I believe he killed her sometime between the Video-N-Tan and his home. Maybe a sexual attempt by him gone all wrong??
    The similarities between her case and Laney's is eeire though, I wonder is Simcox had any kind of connection with Laney as well?
    I do hope she is found to be laid to rest. She had sooo much going for her.
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    Over the 15 years Fraysure has been missing, her family members have visited every town in the area and exhausted every effort to find the teen. They have even been featured on "The Montel Williams Show" and consulted a psychic.

    Scott and Kentucky State Police detectives have poured over every detail of Fraysure's car, purse and interviewed each high school girl attending a Bracken County School at the time. But leads ran dry.

    Now, in the wake of missing women found alive in Cleveland, those in the Tri-State hear a renewed call for any tip that may lead investigators to what is now a 31-year-old woman or her remains.

    "You remember to at least have some kind of hope," said Scott.

    Read more: http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/...#ixzz2ouIopjCW

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    The young man that killed himself. Did his albi ever checked out!? what was his alibi? What would be his reason for killing himself!? Very Odd! Why would the mother than try to sue the Montel Williams Show?

    I strongly believe someone Erica knew lured her out of that car.

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    for Erica.

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    Search for answers spans 18 years


    Though she has been missing for 18 years, the memory of Erica Fraysure and the search that followed her disappearance in Bracken County continues.
    Kentucky State Police still have Fraysure's case open in the cold case investigation unit, police said on Thursday.

    In the ensuing years there has been annual media attention, tips called in to police in state and local jurisdictions, and even a national attention when the case was mentioned on the Montel Williams Show with the late Sylvia Brown.
    According to Bracken County Sheriff's Detective Bob Scott, who was with KSP in 1997, he continues to review leads or tips and passes the information on to KSP.

    “There is nothing new on the case,” Scott said on Thursday.
    Fraysure had no inclination to run away from home, family members said at the time she disappeared.

    Several people with alleged information were polygraphed, yet in 2011 Fraysure's mother, Maggie Doherty, died not knowing what happened to her daughter.

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    It has been more than 18 years since an auburn-haired Bracken County girl was last seen...

    Kentucky State Police have been in charge of the case and continue to field occasional leads which have not resulted in finding Fraysure... Claims re-surface with each year that passes, police said, but many have already been researched to no avail.

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    20 years later, classmates say Erica Fraysure's disappearance 'ruined their lives'


    The teen's disappearance has affected the entire community in some way, Miller said.

    "They're adults now," Miller said of Fraysure's senior class. "But many say (Fraysure's disappearance) has literally ruined their lives. And, in turn, it's ruining their children's lives. They're helicopter parents; they don't want their children going outside to get the mail."

    And because there's no official suspect, nearly everyone in the small town of Brooksville is an unofficial one, Miller said.

    "There are some students people who were -- or still -- are suspicious of," Miller said. "There are some who were riding around with her that night until she disappeared. They'd like to move on, too."

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