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    Is anyone else as confused as I am??

    My head is spinning from trying to decide if I think the Mccanns are
    guilty or innocent. I do lean heavily towards guilty but then there is that what if. Here is my list of why I think they could be guilty or innocent. I will start with the innocent list first cause that is the shortest.


    -The time allotment from when Maddie was last seen to her being missing is very short. Hard to imagine if this time line is correct how her parents could have accidently killed her and covered it up and composed themselves.

    - the group of friends are standing by the Mccanns and I can not believe all of them could be involved or liars.

    - The horror of what is pruopsed to have happened is beyond what I can believe any parents could do

    - Guilty

    -Kate Mccanns statement "They have taken her"
    -inconcistencies in the timeline from the whole group
    -an unbelievable chidcare arrangment
    -inconsistances about doors being opened or not
    -upstairs neigbors input
    -The most bizzare and offense missing child campaign thing I have ever seen
    -travel by parents
    -insistance on abduction theory
    -lack of searching by parents
    -parents flea Portugal after saying they would not leave with out maddie once they are named suspects
    - forensic evidence
    - and maybe most upsetting to me right now is now they come out with a new campagin with all this money to show more pictures of Maddie. Not to search. Not to invistigate, I wouldn't even care if they said they choose to hire psychics or seers or water dousers or a ouji board consultation.... JUST SEARCH!!!

    okay the guilty list is far longer then the innocent and I know I have left things off but then why does my head keep spinning and i keep thinking maybe innocent..... What is on your lists?


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    mjak I am .. but I am leaning to not guilty. My husband keeps asking me if they did it. Like I know! I keep saying no and he thinks they did but I go with my gut.
    I do think they lied but not for the reasons to cover a murder accidently or otherwise. I think they lied, or they risk losing what children they had left because they would be taken from them. I ask myself if I had left my children alone in a foreign country (no I wouldn't) to party with my pals and one turned up missing... would I lie? I am afraid I would.
    I still think it was a stranger abduction. I know I am the minority.

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    I am angered by all the headlines pro/con. It's to where I don't even know the facts anymore because there is so much b.s. out there.

    So I'm on the innocent until proven guilty side for now.

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    A few weeks ago I was absolutely certain the McCanns were guilty, but with each passing day (and event) I'm not so sure.

    However, that said, I still think they're not the best parents, that they're publicity hounds, and that they have not participated in searches or reacted as most parents of a missing child would do.

    I would love to hear statements from friends, especially those present at the infamous dinner party, and from co-workers.

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    What I find VERY, very telling is that the McCann's are totally endorsing the evidence in the trunk/boot, by attempting to explain it away. If the evidence were made up, they wouldn't bother to explain. Very telling...

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    I really do not want to believe the parents did it, I mean it is horrible!

    BUT the cadaver dogs hitting the car is a HUGE sign to me of their involvement.

    BUT I am ALL ears for other theories and leads.

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    You know how it appears to me?

    You know the Eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings?

    Remember how it always turned toward the ring?

    To me, it feels like whenever the eye turns the McCanns throw the ring.....

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    mjak ... I am just as confused. I make my list and still am torn from side to side. It's all just so heart-wrenching. Nothing is impossible, but yet things seem inconceivable. I just wish they would find Maddie. My heart aches for her, and I can't get her off my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taximom View Post
    I am angered by all the headlines pro/con. It's to where I don't even know the facts anymore because there is so much b.s. out there.

    So I'm on the innocent until proven guilty side for now.
    That's where I am TaxiMom. It's all just a jumble of crap. Until I see/hear more facts, I'm in the parent's camp.
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    Innocent until proven guilty. I've not studied up much on this case, but yet all that I have read has just confused me even further.

    I sincerely hope the parents had absolutely nothing at all to do with this. I recall all the horrible things which were said about Elizabeth Smart's parents when she disappeared, too. Remember? Really horrible things said about her poor Father. Then Elizabeth turned up, everyone rejoiced and I couldn't help but think how quickly so many had accused the parents and/or that other man (can't think of his name right off-hand).

    ANYHOW...until and unless something shows up which proves the McCann's did something to their child, I stand on the fence...

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    I'm a totally not guilty on the end of the McCanns being behind Madeleine's disappearance. As a mother I'm sure they're guilty of allowing the opportunity. After getting past that and you have to if you want to get to the truth of what may have happened to Madeleine which is the main focus. I came into the case with the presumption the parents were responsible in much the same way that Laci's case grabbed me. The National Enquirer proved themselves over and over again with accuracy in Laci's case. In Madeleine's the reports worldwide are even worse than Natalie Halloway's case.

    Briefly I'll tell ya I've seen rumors that started on message boards morphed into headlines that turned into facts reported, so-called evidence gathered that was reported after being refuted in our media by our experts as not possible from those reports that evidence then changed by the next day.

    I know parents are often responsible so I don't have any hurdles there and can even understand why some would think the McCanns would cover up an accident and why. I also see the McCanns side though and the suspicions against them that have been created without a basis of facts. I completely understand why they fight the way they do and it's a shame they have to when they really want to believe Madeleine is alive and want to find her.

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    I tend to lean towards the McCanns being guilty, of harming Madelaine whether accidently or purposely, my reason being there are way to many inconsistences than fact, but in saying that I know we do not know what the P LE do, and do not know what evidence is in the hands of the prosecutor. A parent who is not guilty would not lie or not answer question asked by the Le if they had nothing to hide.

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    Not Guilty

    Not Guilty. I have thought that since day one. And nothing I have yet seen or heard since then has changed my mind.

    Especially now we know the PLE were responsible for many of the damageing leaks which were continually being fed to the press. The PLE abused their own secrecy laws, and in doing that, the McCann's.

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    I don't look at it as the PLE abusing their own laws, I see it as trying to psychologically put pressure on the McCanns.

    In the US, LE does it all the time when they hold a press conference and claim they have new evidence about a case that will help track a suspect down. It's a way of making the perps sweat and wonder what they did wrong at the crimescene and if/when they're going to get caught.

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    I don't feel that confused, but that's because I assumed this case was a kidnapping until now.

    I gave the parents the benefit of the doubt and never suspected them until I saw the latest details for the past few weeks.

    I've read and seen enough to have an opinion that the parents are suspicious - especially that Blog the father wrote, and thanks to Calikid for taking the time to copy it all here so some of us can catch up.

    Everyone should read and think about the Blog because the tone is so flat and unemotional, and filled with details like a Christmas letter or a business report.

    I know everyone deals with grief in their own way, and they can't stay upset all the time, but look at the early blogs and how humdrum they are, and think about what was happening in the timeline.

    No, I'm not confused.

    I'm the proud mother of a new attorney!
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