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    GA - High School on lock down, hit lists, bombs, WHAT????

    Had to edit, it is the highschool not middle school. The parents knew nothing, this is very upsetting!

    Says they knew about it since yesterday, some saying, they have know about this for 2 weeks, and let our local kids show up today anyway??????



    Check out the comments section at Topix link, who the heck do you believe?????

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    I'll bet you're glad you are home schooling! Who knows if it is true or not? It's real enough to the children who hear the rumors.

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    It sounds pretty real to me.

    What I wonder is how a kid can be suspended for having a Swiss army knife locked in his car or a keychain with too long a chain, but a kid with a gun and a hit list is allowed to return EVER.

    WTF is wrong with these people?

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