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    There was a blurb on our local news tonight. No word on how long this one will take.

    Mayes County District Attorney Gene Haynes tells The Oklahoman that the first test was inconclusive. Haynes says a second test was ordered in June at a private laboratory in Texas.

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    Here is another article which is more indepth and explains why we haven't heard anything on the matter:

    Until now, Haynes has remained mum about the results of the first test in hopes of deflecting attention from the victims' families, all of whom still live in the Tulsa area.

    "I regret news of the DNA test ever got out,” Haynes said. "I know the public has a right to know and all, but I didn't want the victims' families to be bothered by calls and so forth from the media ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autumn2004 View Post
    I haven't heard of these murders but I found another website with more information. I cant believe the counselors ignored the girls! My mom kept me from camping with the girl scout's at the same time these murders happened. I didnt understand it when I was little but now as a parent I do. They do not care enough about your child to be trusted with them.
    Not all of them I was a leader for 3 years and loved and cared about all 40 of my girls
    some i would agree but not all
    and i would not have hesitated in protecting them and had many camping trips we all slept in same cabin or tent cause they heard something and at times that was hard to do talk about cramped
    maybe because of my involvement here i listen to every one of their i heard something fears

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    Girl Scout Murder Case DNA Results Given To DA

    KOTV - 6/6/2007 11:29 AM - Updated 6/6/2007 2:30 PM
    The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has handed over the findings of a new DNA test on a 30-year-old Girl Scout murder case to the Mayes County District Attorney. A Texas lab performed a new type of test on the remaining DNA sample from the scene. Those tests are complete and now are in the hands of the DA.
    OSBI officials caution, the sample may be too old or too small for an accurate ID. The sample could point to Gene Hart, who was acquitted of the crime decades ago or it could point to another suspect entirely.
    The Mayes County DA will decide if and when the results of the latest tests are released.

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    GRR!!! Tell us!!!!
    I can't complain but sometimes I still do. Life's been good to me so far. - Joe Walsh

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    If those tests were inconclusive why not just say it If they know who the DNA matches then say that They have had plenty of time to notify the parents of the results now. I can't imagine what the holdup is or why. Get on the ball Pros!

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    I cant believe they wont release it. This is taking so long!

    Here's another link with pictures brochures and added details about the case The brochure bothers me reading it knowing what those girls went through their first night.

    Here's a dna website that updates case lists of dna testing to clear or convict people. I figured I would post it if the information pops up on here.

    Mel- you sound like a great counselor, mine were not so nice but it was the only troop around here. I would love to be a scout leader if my daughter wants to do it and encourage the parents to come if they want.

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    Evidently, Haynes is reluctant to say anything and "regretted" the news of the testing getting out to the public. He will probably do everything in his power to hide it from the public when the results are finished...he said to "protect the families".

    What about the public's right to know?! There was much speculation back when this happened that it involved a female counselor and should definitely be brought to the public's attention...if it turns out the DNA points to this. GSA will do everything to prevent it from coming out in order to protect their rep.

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    These murders have haunted me for many years. There were so many "strange" things about them, things we don't want to think about in our daily lives.

    I hope they do release the results so we can put the horror and the mystery to rest. It was a filthy crime and does not need to be shrouded in the mist. Sunlight kills the darkness. Let it shine!

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    Has anyone heard anything about results on this?

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    There is another thread on this in "Crimes in the News". Can they be merged here? Does anyone know how?

    Last awaiting DNA results...anyone heard anything?
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    Not a word.

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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    What a horrendous crime!!

    OMG- horrific. I am mystified at the need to railroad someone when there were other suspects who clearly fit. I wonder if there was no match or authorities are going to have to exhume someone...say Bill Stevens, before they can put this to bed.

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    There is some very interesting discussions going on at A&E Cold Case forum. A man truly believes his brother committed the murders. Terry Lee Allen is his name and he apparently molested many little girls in his family. His brother claims that Allen lives right at the entrance of the girl scout camp and he takes visitors there often showing them the spot where the girls were found and laughs about it. Very Creepy. This guys whole family hates him and believe he is the murderer. They have contacted police but of course the police haven't done anything. Here is the link. I found the information from the brother 'Springcreek' around page 50.

    Here is one of springcreek's posts regarding his brother. His niece also posts as well.

    As everyone knows by now, that the last DNA test on GLH came back negative. So the killer is STILL out there. Has everyone forgotten that Terry Allen Martin took his nieces with their parents to the sight where the three girls were killed and actually showed them the spot and the exact tree that they were found by, and he would laugh as if it were nothing. Take it from me, he is a very sick person. Reports from his nieces have been turned in to the Mayes County Sheriff's office, stating in detail what he did to them. I read one of them and I cried all the way through it. How dare he do this to my nieces. He is an animal!!! Still nothing has been done to him. I want to see him behind bars. I can't understand why he hasn't been arrested. How many more children will he molest??? Once a child molester, is always a child molester. How can the law enforcement let him run free, when they know what kind of person he is. Who knows, maybe he had something to do with the Girl Scout Murders. I hear he's selling his propery that he stole from his mother and moving out of state. He may run, but he can't hide.

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    This is very sad.This case can be solved.It needs alot of publicity and to keep pushing this case.Put it everywhere and keep bumping it up.Has the DNA taken from the girls bodies been put into the DNA data base to check criminals DNA for a possible match or in families DNA CODIS.If not WHY?


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