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    Man feeds kittens to his dogs

    I found this in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Supposedly, the young man, age 21 captured kittens, hurt them and gave them to his dog to kill. Police even stated that he had a cell phone pic of his dog chewing on the carcass of one with the caption "Good boy" over it.

    When Mark Samson returned from a business trip and discovered one of his kittens missing, he didn't give it much thought. The cat often wandered off, Samson said, trailing after passing strangers who paused to pet it.
    Then two weeks went by without Samson's family seeing so much as a whisker. On Wednesday, they learned what had become of their beloved pet.
    A sheriff's deputy said that their kitten's mutilated remains had been found on a neighbor's property along with those of another cat. Then it got worse.
    Investigators say Tye Hilmo, 21, of Dacula trapped neighborhood kittens, hurt them and gave them to his pit bull to kill.

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