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    NC - New York Sex Offender Arrested In N.C.

    They found him hiding in his girlfriend's closet in Rockingham.

    New York Sex Offender Arrested In N.C.

    YAPHANK, N.Y. -- New York police said a paroled sex offender linked to the case of a girl who was hidden in a dungeon more than 10 years ago has been arrested in North Carolina.

    Suffolk County, New York, police said 54-year-old Sal Inghilleri was arrested Monday after he filled out a credit application at a car dealership using his own name.


    "That's how we like them, nice and dumb," Officer William Judge said in a story published in the New York Times.


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    great work Reannan! So tina and todd both babysat M. There is no way tina was taking a nap in an apartment the whole time this was taking place and never woke up or knew anything. Only way she wouldnt know would be if she was drunk and on heavy drugs passed out for a while. SO M;s mom must work and I guess being that she was dateing todd , trusted him and his mom to watch her for a while . I just cant grasp the fact that this child has never said anything to anyone about this. I hope the mom has began the process of getting her help. Did they give her a lie detector test also. You know women can put on a show really well. You just cant trust anyone . wonder where the real father is? Crazy world huh?

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    Just when they think it's safe to go back to living a normal life... BAM!

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    WHEN will the court system learn that these predators need to be either locked up for life or get the DP. I vote DP.

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    Wow, I was raised in Rockingham!! Haven't lived there in 25 yrs. though...

    I am so glad he was caught!!

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    I'm glad he was caught too. He was a long way from home.

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