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    PA - Jason Ritzert, 30, mentally disabled, burned alive, Butler, 11 Nov 2005

    BUTLER, Pa. — A woman was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison in the death of a mentally disabled man who prosecutors say was forced to wear a T-shirt soaked in lighter fluid and was then set on fire in a bathtub.
    Melissa Adams, 25, of Butler, pleaded guilty this month to third-degree murder in the death of 30-year-old Jason Michael Ritzert, whose body was found burned beyond recognition in a trash bin in 2005.
    Prosecutors had charged Adams with first-degree murder and were seeking the death penalty before the plea deal.
    Two men previously pleaded guilty in the case. Timothy James Caldwell, 30, is serving a life term in prison after pleading guilty in March to first-degree murder, and Russell Hilliard, 36, pleaded guilty in May to third-degree murder and faces sentencing Oct. 23.
    Ritzert was forced to wear the lighter fluid-soaked T-shirt and was set on fire as he lay in a bathtub, police said. After Ritzert lost consciousness, Caldwell kicked him and put his foot on Ritzert's chest and neck for five to 10 minutes, police said. The defendants then took Ritzert's body to a trash bin, where they set it on fire, police said.

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    how cruel....too bad the perps couldnt be made to feel the same pain as Jason indured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dingo View Post
    how cruel....too bad the perps couldnt be made to feel the same pain as Jason indured.
    I have always said that just punishment would be for the perp to die or suffer the way they made their victim suffer. Mean people piss me off! They have a bumper sticker saying that. I need to buy one!

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    Why in the world did those three people do that to that poor man? What was their motive? It just hurts to read what that poor man must have gone through before he died. I just don't understand why people do things like this. I hope that they all feel it was worth it.

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    It says in the article that they said they thought he was stealing their money. Sorry excuse for some sick sob's to get their jollies.

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