Body Of Woman Missing More Than 30 Years ID'd

Lydia Gillett of Roseburg was last seen in May, 1973, but just today the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office says they've positively ID'd her body.

Gillett's family says she'd had an argument with her husband the day she went missing, and went for a drive to cool off.

Her car was found in northwest Siskiyou County, but there was no sign of her.

Then in June, 1980 a part of a human skull was found in the area... but at the time there was no way to connect it with Gillett's disappearance.

Beginning in 2003, Senior Forensic Technician Dave Young began using DNA analysis to try to resolve some old Sheriff's Department cases, including Gillett's disappearance.

During his investigation, he compared DNA from the skull fragment to samples from the woman's daughter and granddaughter, and was able to make the connection.