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    FL - Sitter puts 2-year-old's feet in boiling water


    Police said Williams boiled a pot of water and poured it into a metal bucket, then intentionally immersed the child. Her mother, Ruth Williams, said it was an accident.

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    That's awful and by no means an accident. Her mother must be crazy.

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    Accident?! No way. Do the same to her.

    Poor baby.

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    There is no way someone boils a pan of water before submerging feet and calls it an accident.

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    OMG Lock her azz up forever. She is a child abuser, she needs to never be around children again.
    FYIW- If I was the toddler's mother, I'd make sure my life was in order and I'd take care of the baby sitter myself.

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    What a worthless sack of you-know-what. The girl and her mom. So sick of hearing about this kind of thing.

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