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Thread: Runaway cases -There is hope

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    Runaway cases -There is hope

    Adult Runaways are often thought to have been victims of foul play, especially when they stay gone more than a few days but these examples should help us all remember that as long as there is no evidence of foul play there is hope.

    " . . .Each year, more than 10,000 people are reported missing to the N.C. Center for Missing Persons. The problems of non-custodial abductions, runaways, stranger abductions, and missing adults transcend socio-economic, racial and ethnic boundaries. Reasons for these disappearances may include problems at home, health or mental issues, snags with the law, or a taste for adventure. Most eventually return or are found by law enforcement officers and do not involve foul play. Many adults who disappear don't want to be found, or they may have other problems such as memory loss, mental illness, or a history of drug use or alcoholism.. . .",000005,000081

    The links in these examples all work as of the day this was posted (OCT/04/2007) but this is the internet and often articles disappear as time goes on. I considered posting entire articles but that would violate the TOS of Websleuths.

    Wendy Louise Allen
    Last Updated: Monday, December 4, 2006
    " . . .The Vancouver Sun said Monday that Wendy Louise Allen has been found alive and living under an assumed name in Ontario.
    Allen was 33 when she went missing in 1979.
    She was located in July by the Missing Women Task Force, but asked police to withhold the news.
    RCMP spokesman Cpl. Pierre Lemaitre said Allen, now 60, had no desire to be in touch with her relatives in B.C. . ."
    Patricia Lea Whaley
    " . . .At the time of the investigation, all indications were that foul play was involved, said Calaveras County Sheriff's Department Capt. Keith Andersen, who was a sergeant at the Angels Camp Police Department in 1990 and worked on the missing person case.

    "Everything that we were told and everything that we could find out said that she wasn't really an independent person," he said. "That made us feel even more like ‘Gee what's happened? Was she abducted?' " . . ."

    " . . . Whaley, who was 35 and ran a babysitting service from her home when she disappeared, is now working in marketing at an undisclosed location in Colorado, said Crawford. . . ."
    Denise Desruisseaux Bolser
    Friday, May 17, 2002
    " . . .In January of 1985, Denise Desruisseaux Bolser, then 24, disappeared from her home in Raymond and the mystery remained unsolved for 17 years. That is, until she heard a knock at the front door of her Panama City, Fla., home last week and came face-to-face with officers from Raymond, Florida and the FBI. . ."
    Ruby M. Branham
    Ruby Branham was last seen April 17, 1991 in Sultan, Snohomish County, Washington. She has been located safe.

    ". . .Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: April 17, 1991 from Sultan, Washington
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: XXXXXXXX
    Age: 26 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'8, 120 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, green eyes. Branham has a dark-colored birthmark shaped like a small footprint on her left calf. She may use the last names Pallo, Rideout, Casals, Sleasman and/or Romaine. Branham's teeth are in poor condition. Her ears are pierced.
    Medical Conditions: Branham had a drug dependency at the time of her 1991 disappearance.
    Details of Disappearance
    Branham was involved in a troubled marriage at the time of her 1991 disappearance. She had several young children as well and was known for leaving her family's home in Sultan, Washington for short periods of time. Branham was last seen at the Dutch Cup Restaurant in Sultan on April 17, 1991. She was accompanied by David Casals, a Canadian resident who was a friend of Branham's. Branham has never been seen again, but she did call her grandmother from The Castle Pub in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada on July 22, 1991. The phone call was the last time anyone heard from Branham.
    Authorities believe Branham may be traveling in Canada with Casals. Casals is descrbed as being older than Branham and may use the last name Rideout. Casals reportedly works as a writer on occasion and may have been employed at DLI Publishing in the past. Casals may have lived in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Branham has never been seen again. . ."
    Keri Bray
    " . . .Orem officials are now sure that a man found working on a ranch in Texas is an Orem man who disappeared more than two decades ago.
    "His identity has been confirmed," said Orem Police Lt. Keldon Brown. "His attorney's identification of him in my mind is sufficient. He's talking to his client about having been in Orem at the center in the time period, and all that is true and correct."
    Keri Bray was 27 in 1986 when he walked away from the Lake Crest Development Center in Orem without telling anyone where he was going.
    He only said he wanted to be a cowboy.
    And now officials and family members know that for the past 21 years, he's been working at a ranch in Texas. . .",00.html
    Vera Daisy Brown
    " . . .Brown was last seen in Temora, New South Wales, Australia on February 6, 1972. She was 46 years old at the time of her disappearance. NSW police located her alive 32 years later in Australia in November 2004. The month before she disappeared, she had met a flash-dressing mystery man who promised Vera Daisy Brown the world. This smooth-talking svengali convinced her to take a holiday to Brisbane. As the fortnight holiday folly turned into months, Vera and her new beau wrote a handful of confusing letters, promising to be home soon. But then, in November, 1972, the letters stopped. Vera simply vanished and was reported missing. It may seem improbable, but Vera says she stayed away so long because her beau spun her a lie. He convinced her there were debt collectors after them and they had to go into hiding. She changed her name several times and moved through different states. Vera couldn't see through his lies. Vera is ashamed and embarrassed at what she put her family through. They have all since been reunited. . . "
    Brian Neil Hooks
    ". . .Brian Hooks was last seen in September 24, 1988 in Florence, South Carolina. He was located safe in 2000 by the Knox County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee. . ."

    " . . .Hooks, 21, disappeared from Florence, South Carolina on September 24, 1988. He was found safe in Tennessee in 2000. . ."
    Mary Florence Lands
    Last Updated: Friday, June 23, 2006
    " . . .Mary Florence Lands's family hadn't heard from her since 1991, and her name was added to the police joint task force list in October 2004, along with seven other women. . . "
    ". . . Mary Florence Lands was reported missing to the Vancouver Police Department in 2004.
    Now the 42-year-old woman has shown up alive and well, living in the small Saskatchewan town of Cochin, about 30 kilometres north of North Battleford. . ."

    These are only a few examples but I hope to add more as time permits.
    In addition the located section which this thread is in has a multitude of similar cases if one takes the time to find and read them.

    When reading of so many crimes in the news these days it is easy to get the impression that most missing person cases are the result of foul play but that is not true and I hope this thread serves to remind us that there are live people out there.

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    solved runaway cases give hope

    I don't think there are any duplicates here from post one. I tried to weed out duplicates:

    I hope these cases give hope.

    Olga Khaleel
    UPDATED: 5:51 pm EST February 6, 2006
    ". . .Olga Khaleel was last seen Jan. 10 after dropping off her two children at a relative's home. . ."
    ". . . Andre Khaleel said his wife was on the cell phone with his secretary and told her she had to end the call so she could go into the bank.
    "She said she was at the bank, when she gets out from making the deposit, she will return the call. That is the last we heard from her," Andre Khaleel said.. . ."
    " . . .Andre Khaleel, who has been married to Olga for 12 years and known her for 14, said that in the past, his wife has always been in the right place at the right time. . ."
    ". . ."I'm just so distraught at this moment. I just don't have words to describe to you what I'm going through at this time," Andre Khaleel said. "The kids are asking questions at this point. They're tearing up. They know something is wrong. Obviously, they've never gone four hours without their mother. Today's the eighth day." . . ."
    ". . .Davie police said Monday that a man visiting South Florida for a family reunion saw the missing persons flyer at local store and recognized Khaleel. He then notified police. . ."
    Michael Ghebreysus, 49
    (Grand Rapids, October 30, 2005, 6:01 p.m.) He was missing for a week and now a Grand Rapids cab driver has been found.
    Michael Ghebreysus, 49, is now home with his family. But there are still many questions about where he was and what he was doing.
    For days, West Michigan police agencies and family members were looking for cab driver Michael Ghebreysus. His cab was found abandoned in a Muskegon Heights church parking lot, unlocked with the keys inside.
    Friends and family feared the worst, posting pictures of the "missing person" all over the area.
    "It was difficult and hardest time for me," said his wife, Mena Woldemicem.
    Sariah Olsen
    Dec 17 2005 12:00AM
    " . . .Minot police have been talking with Sariah Olsen, the 27-year-old woman who was found in Minnesota nearly three weeks after she disappeared. . ."
    Jennifer Witten
    ". . .A woman whose disappearance sparked controversy regarding the release of inmates from the Montgomery County Jail has been arrested in Harris County and is no longer considered a missing person.
    Witten's father reported her missing 3 days after she was released from the Montgomery County Jail on Nov. 3. Ray Gonzalez said his daughter called him around 10 p.m. on the night of her release saying she needed to get home, but had no money. He said he offered to pay for a bus ticket and she agreed. "She was supposed to call back and tell me where to send the money," Gonzalez said, "but I never heard from her again.". . ."
    ". . .Gonzalez said Witten had a 2-year-old child at home in San Antonio, along with her younger siblings, ages 15 and 18, who were devastated by her disappearance. He said she was close to her family and was certain she had met with foul play. He and Witten's aunt were upset at the circumstances of her release.
    "She was an attractive girl, 250 miles from home and they put her out on the street at night with no money," Rebecca Gonzalez said in an earlier Courier story. . ."
    Raymond Power Jr
    February 14, 2006
    " . . . CHICAGO -- A man missing from his New York home for nearly seven months turned up at a homeless shelter in Chicago, unharmed but apparently oblivious to how he ended up 1,000 miles from home or that he had a family searching for him.
    Raymond Power Jr., 57, an attorney from New Rochelle, N.Y., and a former police officer, has been living in the Pacific Garden Mission, at 600 South State St., under the name "Jay Tower" and selling newspapers on the street, police said Tuesday.
    Chicago detectives said Power apparently suffered from amnesia and did not know he had a wife and two kids in New York.. . ."
    Donna Haddad
    February 25, 2006

    ". . . Donna Haddad, 24, hasn't been seen since Wednesday afternoon. That's when her family in Hammond, Indiana, says Hadded went to the library. She was supposed to attend a night class that day but never made it.
    Haddad's family believes the woman was kidnapped. They have filed a missing person's report with the Hammond police department. . . ."
    02/27/2006 | 12:12 PM
    "Missing Calumet College student Donna Haddad has been located. . ."
    " . . .Munster police yesterday stopped at Ridge Road and Calumet Avenue to investigate an argument. Haddad was one of those involved in the argument. Munster police determined that she wasn't in any danger, but did not know where she had been for the last several days. . ."
    John Humbard
    Mar 27, 2006
    " . . . Terri Helkenn pondered her missing son's fate for 23 years. Her life has been one of agonizing questions and dark thoughts as to what may have happened to her oldest child.
    Tirelessly inspired by a wrenching need to know, she has spent more than two decades looking for John Humbard. Last summer she found him -- thanks, in part, to an article in the Tri-Valley Herald. The child she last saw as a young man has advanced well into middle age with a wife and family of his own. . . ."
    " . . .Never underestimate a young person's capacity to justify their actions and rationalize their decisions," Humbard -- now 43 -- said. "Events sweep you up. I got married. I had kids. There are a lot of 'whys' behind this. . ."
    Christopher Andrew Bell
    Tuesday, 04 April 2006
    " . . . Virginia Tech Police have declared a student missing. University officials seek assistance in locating the whereabouts of Christopher Andrew Bell, height 5'7", male Caucasian, weight 140 pounds, hazel eyes, and brown hair.
    . . ."
    Wednesday, 05 April 2006
    " . . .Virginia Tech Police say a student reported missing yesterday has been found in Grayson County. Police say he is in good health. We do not yet have word on exactly what part of Grayson County 19-year-old Christopher Albert was in or why he was there. . ."
    Mike Icke, 30, St. George, Utah
    April 5, 2006
    ST. GEORGE A man reported missing in southern Utah for five days turned up unexpectedly Wednesday afternoon, riding a bicycle on a city street.
    Michael Icke, 30, disappeared from his St. George home Friday after leaving to go for a bicycle ride, police said. When he didn't show up at either of his two jobs over the weekend, his employers reported him missing on Monday, said St. George Police Sgt. Craig Harding.,1249,635197460,00.html
    Claude Van Tassel
    Thursday, February 15, 2007
    " . . .Claude Van Tasse doesn't want to come home.
    It was nearly five years ago that the well-known auctioneer from Lyman, Maine, and father of 12 went missing while shopping at the Dover Ames store with his wife. Van Tassel told her he was going to get a cup of coffee — and was never heard from again. . ."
    Angelique M. Beecher 22 yrs old
    August 16, 2007
    " . . .Nothing at the apartment indicates foul play
    there’s no evidence of any sort of struggle, he said.
    All of her clothing remained at the complex and her purse was also there, Lemke said. . . ."
    Found:Missing Fond du Lac Woman Found Safe
    Aug 17, 2007 05:04 AM CDT
    Fond du Lac police say a missing woman has been found safe.
    An e-mail press release sent by officers at 1:00 Friday morning said that 22-year-old Angelique Beecher, known as "Angel", had been located in northwestern Wisconsin.
    She was found at about 12:30 Friday morning.
    She was with a friend and his family.
    Police say she had not told her family that was going to take a trip.
    Her family had not had contact with her since August 8th.
    They were concerned because she is cognitively disabled.

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    One of my closest friends "disappeared." I was very concerned about him, as it was not like him to just drop out of sight like this. I mean, didn't think anyone had harmed him, but I was worried.

    He called me a few days ago, after being AWOL for like two months. He's fine. He had some life problems and got depressed and decided to avoid all human interaction for awhile.

    It just goes to show...

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    Solved Teen Runaway cases- There can be Hope

    I spent some time this evening just going through 7 pages (out of the currently 69) pages of the Websleuths Located thread and finding links to solved Teen runaway cases. Were there also cases of abducted and murdered teens? Yes there were but I am focusing on the teen runaway cases because often people assume that a runaway teen that is gone a day or two or longer is dead and that is often not the case as many of these links illustrate.

    The problem seems to be that at first no one knows if a teen is a runaway or not and perhaps often people assume foul play and therefore believe that a teen missing 48 hours or more is dead. That may be true of abductions, I do not know but in runaway cases 48 hours or more seems to be pretty common for a teen to be found safe.

    To me that says we could hold out for hope if there is no evidence of foul play and not jump to conclusions.

    Anyway this thread is where I will post liks to solved teen runaway cases in hopes they can provide hope for people.

    I may also have included a case or two I stumbled onto in websearches.

    I have tried to weed out nonrunaway cases and any cases of people under 12 years old or over 19 ys old.

    There were some cases where a runaway teen was found alive and safe but the only place online it was ever listed was on WS so I did not include those.
    Johnna Brown and Katie Donaldson
    I no longer have working news report links about this case but there is a WS thread about the case at
    "Two missing girls are missing no more. They're back at home with their families in Dickson. In fact, they're under house arrest.
    Johnna Brown and Katie Donaldson disappeared two weeks ago, presumably on their way home from the Bellevue Mall. They returned to Dickson this afternoon, where they were cited by the sheriff's department as runaways.
    Their families have already hired an attorney to defend them. The girls will appear in juvenile court on Wednesday"
    Laura Shaw, 15, from Sneinton and 12-year-old Diane Brown
    Last Updated: Friday, 24 October, 2003
    ". . . Laura Shaw, 15, from Sneinton and 12-year-old Diane Brown from Clifton, disappeared on Saturday on their way to watch Nottingham Forest at the city ground.
    The girls are currently with one of the police officers who have been investigating their disappearance. . . ."
    Veronica Anna Zahariades
    last updated at 12:20 p.m. on October 7, 2003
    " . . .A 15-year-old girl from Clinton who has been listed as missing since Wednesday was found Monday in Arizona. . ."
    Ashley Landry, 15, CA
    ". . . The Los Angeles County Sheriff's department canceled the Amber Alert after the girl was found safe late Saturday night, October 4. There is no further information at this time.. . ."
    Alexandra Howe - 12 - missing since 1/16/2004
    Tuesday, 20 January, 2004
    " . . . Alex Howe was found by police on Tuesday and is now on her way home to be reunited with her family.
    Alex is believed to have travelled to the coast on Monday night from Cardiff. . . ."
    Daniela Gavin-12, Kaesi Young-16 missing since 2/8/04
    ". . . Two girls were at the city’s police station Monday night, after officials spent much of the day looking for them. . ."
    Angela Leah Fredrick 16
    FOUND! Angela is now safe at home!
    Missing Since: July 12, 2003
    Age: 16 Age Now: 21
    Missing From: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5 feet 5 inches - ( 165 cm )
    Weight: 140 lbs - ( 64 kg. )
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Stephani Coates - 18 - missing since 12/30/03
    ". . . Stephani Coates, 18, told police she had been staying with "a friend" for the last week and didn't understand why her family had reported her missing after she didn't go to work at Macy's in San Leandro's Bayfair Mall, Officer Henderson Jordan said.. . ."
    ". . .OAKLAND (AP) ---- Friends and relatives continued to search for an Alameda teenager who has been missing since Tuesday.
    Stephani Coates, 18, was last seen walking toward the Oakland Coliseum BART station on Tuesday afternoon, police said.". . ."
    Christa Rogaliner, 17 missing 01/19/2004
    ". . . Christa Rogaliner, 17, of Leesburg, was located unharmed Sunday morning at a residence in Maryland.

    Rogaliner had been missing since Dec. 12, when the car she was driving was found abandoned in the Shaker Woods area of Reston. . ."
    Janelle Adkins 15
    Saturday, January 24, 2004
    " . . .A 15-year-old girl who left home with a 23-year-old suitor says she neither ran away from home nor was kidnapped although he made it look like an abduction.
    Police found Janelle Adkins unharmed Tuesday at the home of Alex Gonzalez's uncle in Troy, Ala., a day after she vanished from her bedroom. Investigators earlier had detained Gonzalez in Slocomb, Ala., and he told them where the girl was staying. . ."
    Zara Thornber - 15 - missing since 1/15/2004
    ". . . A girl aged 15 who went missing with a 41-year-old man was re-united with her parents in London yesterday.
    Zara Thornber, 15, disappeared from her home in Harrogate, North Yorks, on Thursday. Police believe she ran away with Michael Paige, a fairground worker, who they are anxious to trace. Zara telephoned her aunt yesterday morning after seeing her photograph in a newspaper following an appeal by her parents. . ."
    Juliana Medina 12, January 27, 2004
    January 30, 2004
    ". . . Modesto detectives have called off the search for a missing 12-year-old after she turned up in Mexico.. . ."
    Lavonna Young 13
    April 16, 2004
    ". . . A 13-year-old girl who disappeared from a Cleveland neighborhood was found Friday, reported NewsChannel5.

    Cleveland police say Lavonna Young was found safe. The girl disappeared from an east side neighborhood Thursday afternoon. . ."
    Renae Heather Clark, 16
    April 29, 2004
    ". . . An Amber Alert for a missing River Rouge teen was called off after police discovered she left the state willingly, according to Local 4 reports.. . ."
    (Note she left from Michigan and went to North Carolina.)
    Candace Cagle, 14
    July 31, 2004
    ". . . Candace Cagle, 14, who was reported missing on Thursday, July 30, has been found.. . ."
    Briana Schultheis 12
    September 22, 2004
    ". . . Authorities said Wednesday that a missing Florida girl had been found safe in northern Georgia.
    A $10,000 reward had been offered Wednesday for the safe return of a 12-year-old Briana Schultheis . . .",2933,133140,00.html
    Casey Marie George
    August 20, 2004
    ". . . The teenager who disappeared after going for a walk in Lake City almost two weeks ago has been found in Pennsylvania. [ teen goes missing ]
    Investigators say 15-year old Casey Marie George ran away and got to Pennsylvania by hitchhiking. . . ."

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    Wow, Docwho, you did a load of work here. Good job! Maybe the mods can move any threads we have of these missing kids to "found" cases.

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    This is SO great DocWho!! I have to get ready for work now, but I'm going to read here once I get off of work tonight. I think it will be really inspiring for me.
    Maybe someday we'll be able to put my sister on this list...
    You won't cry for my absence, I know -
    You forgot me long ago. Am I that unimportant...?
    Am I so insignificant...? Isn't something missing?
    Isn't someone missing me?
    Please take a moment to see Deanna's Age progression here:
    Deanna Merryfield-missing from Killeen,Tx since July 1990

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    More Solved Adult Runaway cases -3rd in series

    Here is the next post of solved adult runaway cases. Perhaps the information and links may bring hope in cases where there is no evidence of foul play.

    Remember this is the internet and links don't usually last forever. All the links worked as of date posted here (OCT/09/2007)

    If you try to copy the links remember that WS tends to shorten the link text so you may have to actually click the link and copy the address from the actual source page. Or you can contact me and ask me to email you a text file copy of the post with the correct links in them.

    If you are wanting to know about solved teen runaway cases there is another thread for just those.

    As always I tried to weed out duplicate names and stories and nonrunaway stories.
    Brandi Stahr
    BRYAN, Texas, June 6, 2005
    ". . . Authorities say a Texas A&M University student who was feared dead after disappearing nearly seven years ago has been found alive and working in Kentucky.
    Brandi Stahr was reported missing in October 1998 and police spent hours searching for her body in wooded areas. They questioned a serial rapist and murderer about her just hours before he was executed last year. . . ."

    ". . . But a telephone tip led investigators to Florence, Ky., where Stahr has been working for the last five years at a Sam's Club, said Texas Ranger Frank Malinak.
    "We thought we were dealing with a missing persons case," Malinak said. "But, in actuality, we were dealing with a person who did not want to be found and was in hiding." . . ."

    ". . . When a Texas Ranger visited the school where Ann Dickenson works in Moody, Texas, she assumed he was bringing the worst news: that her daughter Brandi Stahr, gone without a trace for nearly seven years, was dead.
    But Stahr wasn't missing at all, and the stunning truth soon emerged: She had simply walked away from her life. . ."
    Tammy Fitzsimons
    October 4, 2007
    ". . . A Black Earth mother who had been missing since Monday was found alive and safe in Nebraska, according to the Dane County Sheriff's Department.

    Tammy Fitzsimons, 25, left work at Olson's Flowers around noon Monday, cashed her paycheck at a local bank and disappeared, WISC-TV reported. Fitzsimon failed to pick up her daughter from a day care a couple hours after she disappeared.. . ."

    " . . . The case of Black Earth resident Tammy Fitzsimons isn't the first time the Madison area has seen a high-profile return of a missing person who left on their own regard.

    Francine Tate, of Windsor, was found safe in northern Wisconsin, and the staged disappearance of University of Wiscosin-Madison student Audrey Seiller received national attention in 2004, WISC-TV reported.. . ."

    ". . . "I think it's important not to jump to conclusions and not to get angry at this person, assuming that you understand what happened, because of course these are very personal issues," Robbins said.
    Steve Tate, Francine Tate's husband, said that Francine is getting better and starting to feel better. He said the biggest lesson he has learning is the importance of always keeping an open line of communication between family members, especially when it comes to emotional well-being.. . ."

    October 4, 2007
    ". . . Tammy Fitzsimons, of Black Earth, disappeared Monday after leaving where she worked. She also failed to pick up her daughter from day care.. . ."

    ". . . Family and friends, including her boss, Bill Olson, said that she is a good person and good mother.
    "(She's) just a very sweet lady, kind, generous, good hearted," he said. "I don't think she's got a bad hair in her head.". . ."

    ". . . The 25-year-old woman who vanished during her lunch break from a Mount Horeb flower shop wasn't abducted as she claimed, according to Dane County sheriff's deputies.. . ."

    (Note: This woman disappeared in Wisconsin and was found in McCook, Nebraska.)
    Olivia Maricela Soriano-Almendaris
    October 05, 2007
    ". . . Sgt. Jerry Cupp told FOX News. "She's an adult. There was no foul play involved.". . ."

    ". . . Cupp said the happy ending is the way most missing person cases are resolved.
    "It's the way 99 percent of them work out," Cupp said. . .",2933,299659,00.html

    " . . .Olivia Maricela Soriano-Almendaris, 20, of Columbus, Ohio, was located Friday at an apartment and taken to a hospital, an official from the Columbus Division of Police said. . .",2933,299659,00.html
    Audrey Seiler, 20
    ". . . Randy Hopper, of Minneapolis, flew to Madison Monday to meet with Audrey Seiler, 20, and her parents, Keith and Stephanie Seiler, of Rockford, Minn. They have been in Madison since she was reported missing March 27. Hopper is then expected to meet with police, and possibly others, including officials from the district attorney's office, Tuesday.. . ."
    Yolanda Robinson missing since 5/25/04
    ". . . Yolanda Robison was last seen when she left her home for work at about 9 a.m., according to police. But she never showed up at work that morning.

    She was initially reported missing, but her family called KGW Friday morning to report that she had called home and was safe. They said she had left to take a break. . ."
    Kellie Cherie Phillips 27
    August 25, 2004
    ". . . Kellie Cherie Phillips spoke to her parents Friday night to tell them she was safe, said Inspector Angela Martin of the missing-persons detail. . ."
    Anna Angelina Giammona 28
    ". . . The Collier Sheriff's Office is attempting to locate 28 year old Anna Angelina Giammona. She was reported missing Tuesday by her parents after she did not return home from running errands Monday morning. She disappeared less than two hours before she was scheduled to be induced. . ."

    ". . . The sheriff's office doesn't know if Giammona left on her own or if she was hurt. They know she had thousands of dollars in cash on hand and had filled up on gas – but the sheriff's office says it's still possible she was kidnapped. . ."

    ". . . Anna Giammona, who has been missing since Monday, has been found safe. According to Chuck Giammona, Anna's father, she returned home on her own.
    Anna told her family she lost the baby a month ago and has been depressed ever since. She didn't know if her family would understand.
    She has been living in her car, moving from location to location so no one could find her. . ."
    Andy Morgan 21
    Oct 7, 2004
    ". . . A University of Minnesota student missing for more than a week has returned home. 21-year-old Andy Morgan was last seen on Wednesday, September 29. . ."
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    Solved Teen Runaways 2nd post in series

    Here is the next post in Solved Teen runaway cases. Perhaps it might be helpful to some good people with teen missing loved ones.

    Remember this is the internet and links don't usually last forever. All the links worked as of date posted here (OCT/09/2007)

    If you try to copy the links remember that WS tends to shorten the link text so you may have to actually click the link and copy the address from the actual source page.

    If you are wanting to know about solved Adult runaway cases there is another thread for just those, called "Runaway cases -There is hope ".

    As always I tried to weed out duplicate names and stories and nonrunaway stories.
    Amber Lynn Melton

    ". . . Melton, 17, ran away from her home in New Port Richey, Florida on December 6, 2002. She was found safe on October 20, 2004, nearly two years after her disappearance. Further details are unavailable.. . ."
    Breanne Greig, 16

    ". . . A 16-year-old girl from Orange County, N.Y. who disappeared ten days ago was found safe in East Harlem on Monday, according to the teen's parents.. . ."

    ". . . Breanne Greig disappeared on Sept. 17, producing fears that she had fallen victim to a sexual predator. According to her parents, Greig has bi-polar disorder and had been depressed. . ."
    Jacquelyn Munoz, Houston TX 16
    Nov. 29, 2004
    ". . . The father of Houston teen Jackie Munoz, missing since Wednesday morning, said he found his daughter safe but weary at a northside restaurant this morning.
    The girl's father, Joe Munoz, who is an undercover investigator for the Harris County Sheriff's Department, said the 16-year-old ran away from home after a family argument. . ."
    (Note: This case had a source link but it no longer works so I linked to the Websleuths thread about the case)
    Jessica Vincilione 16
    December 4, 2004
    ". . . Authorities say Jessica Vincilione was last seen November eighth when she left her home for school.

    She was reported when she failed to show up at Coyle High School.

    Her car with the back window broken out was found two days later about two miles east of Guthrie. . ."

    ". . . "The Vincilione family has received an early - and the best possible -
    Christmas Present! Jessica was reunited with her family on December 21.
    She is well and safe, and all are relieved and overjoyed to have her home.
    Thank You to you and all those who support this board and the search for the
    missing.. . ."
    (Note: This one sounds like a runaway but the article does not say for sure she was.)
    Katie Wilkerson 14
    November 24, 2004
    ". . . Investigators say Bennett, from Walla Walla, Washington, met the teen on the Internet and convinced her to run away with him. . ."
    (Note: This article calls it a kidnapping through most of the story until the last line which I have quoted. Whatever the truth she was at least found alive and well.)
    Cynthia Lamb 16 or 17
    summer 2004
    ". . . We ran a story in TheStepfamilyLife’s November 2003 newsletter about the uncertainty and horror faced by one stepfamily when 16-year-old Cynthia Lamb vanished from the Molalla, Oregon public library. Her family actively tried to keep her story in the media and find the missing teen, who was classified as an “endangered runaway” by law enforcement. She was found in Montana earlier this month living with a convicted sex offender she had met online. Cynthia’s mother, Bonny Todd told KATU 2. . ."

    August 8, 2004
    ". . . MOLALLA, Ore. -- A missing Gresham teenage girl, who vanished last fall after leaving the Molalla library, was found unharmed Friday, living with a man in Montana who is a convicted sex offender from Oregon, police said.

    Cynthia Lamb, 17, was last seen on Oct. 30 walking out of the library with a man said to be in his 20s. Her disappearance prompted a search effort that lasted months -- but yielded little in the way of clues as to what happened to the 5-foot-2, blue-eyed brunette who weighs 120 pounds. . ."
    Janella Woods 12
    approx. 03-29-2005
    ". . . The mother of the missing 12 year old Shreveport girl called the News 12 newsroom this morning to tell us that her daughter has been found. Jennifer Woods says her daughter Janella -who was missing for about a week - was found this morning on Cooper Road. Her mother says she was apparently "drugged up" when police found her. The girl is currently recovering at LSU Hospital. . . ."
    Justin Terlecki 13
    ". . . A 13-year-old Milwaukee boy who went missing last week was found Tuesday in Phoenix with a man wanted on a child sex charge, police said.
    Justin Terlecki apparently took a bus to Arizona last Wednesday, lured to Phoenix by a 32-year-old man with whom he had corresponded over the Internet, Phoenix police said.. . ."
    Erin Nembhard 15
    September 27 2005
    ". . . The 10-day search for a missing 15-year-old Port St. Lucie girl ended Monday when she walked into the Opa-locka police station, officials said.. . ."

    ". . . The teen crawled out of her bedroom window Sept. 16. She had been chatting with several men on the Internet, and one, Eduardo Narvaez, 21, was waiting outside. They drove to his Miami home. Then he dropped the girl off at the Carol City home of Corey Witty.. . ."

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    Solved Teen Runaway Cases 3rd post in series

    Here is the next post in Solved Teen runaway cases. Perhaps it might be helpful to some good people with teen missing loved ones.

    Remember this is the internet and links don't usually last forever. All the links worked as of date posted here (OCT/12/2007)

    If you try to copy the links remember that WS tends to shorten the link text so you may have to actually click the link and copy the address from the actual source page.

    If you are wanting to know about solved Adult runaway cases there is another thread for just those, called "Runaway cases -There is hope ".

    As always I tried to weed out duplicate names and stories and nonrunaway stories.

    Note: This section keeps growing pages. Only 47 more pages out of 80 to go now but when I started there were only 69 pages of cases total to read through.
    Mykensie Martin 17
    ". . ."It's inconsistent with her character to just up and walk away," Deschutes County Sheriff Les Stiles told KTVZ-TV in Bend. "This isn't a person that does that, based on her background and how she's been in the past." . . .",2933,175159,00.html

    ". . . A 17-year-old Oregon exchange student missing since last weekend was found safe Thursday in northeastern Brazil, police said.. . ."
    Note: The above link took a long time to load on my computer.
    David Mumie
    ". . . David's reunion: David Mumie of Wyoming, a mentally-handicapped man who had been missing for 25 years, was found last weekend at an auto part store. Mumie is said to have simply walked away from home and has travelled to Florida, Puerto Rico and New Jersey. Mumie has been reunited with his family.. . ."

    ". . . It’s a weekend a Luzerne County family never imagined. A loved one who went missing over two decades ago and eventually was considered dead is safe and sound at home.
    The Mumie family from Hazleton feels like it’s a dream now that David Mumie is back home.
    I never thought I would see him again,” said David’s mother Anna Mumie.
    David, who is mentally handicapped, wandered away from his parents’ house along Hollywood Boulevard in Hazle Township 25 years ago.. . ."

    Note: Not sure this was a teen case but from the amount of time he was missng I think it was a teen case in the beginning rather than an adult case.
    Charlie "Megan" Southard 16
    ". . . Authorities have found 16-year-old Charlie "Megan" Southard. Police arrested Arturo Dorantes - a man wanted in connection with the rape of an 11-year-old girl - in an Ohio home. Now, he's behind bars. . . ."

    ". . . Ohio authorities found missing pregnant teen Charlie Southard and arrested the man who police first thought kidnapped her. Police cancelled the Ohio AMBER Alert after they determined Charlie went willingly with Arturo Dorantes. Now, he's behind bars on unrelated rape charges. . . ."
    Ashley Ivy 16
    Dec/14/ 2005
    ". . . A Mississippi teenager is safe Tuesday after a two-day search involving a dozen law enforcement agencies. . ."

    ". . . Investigators believe 16-year-old Ashley Ivy, of Hernando... simply ran away from home Saturday.
    Ivy's mother told Channel five right before she disappeared, the teenager called to say she was going to this Fred's to get Christmas lights. Police found Ashley Ivy three days later at a house in Horn Lake. . ."
    Ashley Snell 16
    Oct 06/2005
    ". . . Police in Cincinnati, Ohio breathed a collective sigh of relief when 52-year-old Barry Pollard dropped off 16-year-old Ashley Snell unharmed late in the night of October 6th. . . ."

    ". . . Ashley Snell returned home last night, very few details have been given. Barry Pollard the 52 year old she left with is still on the run. . ."
    Kimberly Meixsell-Veloza 15
    ". . . A 15-year-old California girl who has been missing since Dec. 14 was found alive in Honolulu on Tuesday and her parents believe she was lured to the island by a man on the Internet. . ."

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    Solved Adult Runaways 4th post in Series

    Here is the next post of solved adult runaway cases. I hope the information and links brig hope in cases where there is no evidence of foul play.

    Remember this is the internet and links don't usually last forever. All the links worked as of date posted here (OCT/12/2007)

    If you try to copy the links remember that WS tends to shorten the link text so you may have to actually click the link and copy the address from the actual source page. Or you can contact me and ask me to email you a text file copy of the post with the correct links in them.

    If you are wanting to know about solved teen runaway cases there is another thread for just those:
    Solved Teen Runaway cases- There can be Hope

    As always I tried to weed out duplicate names and stories and nonrunaway stories.
    Lina Gincauskyte 22
    December 9, 2005
    ". . . FORT MILL, S.C. -- Authorities in York County said a missing Fort Mill woman for whom they had been searching left the country.
    Police now assume there was no foul play and have closed the case. . ."
    Aleace Moffitt 23
    ". . . Aleace Moffitt: Missing Ozarks Woman Found safe
    Aleace Moffitt called police on Wednesday night and talked at length, she is safe and staying at a friends house. No further information is known at this time. . ."
    Cyndi Lynn Thomas 31
    Updated: Aug/20/2006
    ". . . A woman who has been missing since Christmas Day has been found alive and well, police tell KATU News.
    Cyndi Lynn Thomas, 31, was last seen Dec. 25 just before 7 a.m. in southeast Portland.
    She had reportedly told someone she was going for a walk, but never returned home. . ."

    ". . . Detectives said early on that there was reason to believe she was depressed at the time of her disappearance. . ."
    Melissa Morales 27
    December 27, 2005
    ". . . A 27-year-old Rosenberg woman who disappeared Dec. 11 was located in a Friendswood mall Monday and admitted to a hospital.
    Lt. Margaret Hedden of the Rosenberg Police Department said Melissa Morales walked up to a security guard at the mall and asked him to call her parents. She was then admitted to the hospital for dehydration.. . ."
    Valerie Stern 45
    Dec 28, 2005
    ". . . She was living in a stranger's home; that's where Augusta County deputies found a missing Stuarts Draft woman.
    They found 45-year-old Valerie Stern Tuesday night after she called a friend from that Stuarts Draft home.

    According to the Sheriff's Office, there were signs of forcible entry. . ."

    ". . .He said this is the second time in one month Stern has been found in a stranger's home. . ."
    Samuel Young Chong, 24
    January 16, 2006
    ". . . Police say they take the disappearance of adults very seriously when there are doubts about the person's safety. For instance, Corpus Christi, Texas, police conducted helicopter searches of a remote beach last month where a depressed man abandoned his car after leaving a suicide note. Samuel Young Chong had dropped out of college without telling his parents, who apparently triggered Chong's disappearance when they came for what they believed would be his graduation.

    Mike Walsh, commander of criminal investigations for the Corpus Christi police, said, ''We were expecting, based on the rhetoric, that we were going to find a body. Instead, police ultimately traced Chong to Los Angeles, allowing a relative to find him at an Internet cafe there and persuade him to return home.

    But for every missing person like Chong, whose case has a happy ending, there are many more like Michael Jarvi of Naselle, Wash., a man with schizophrenia last seen before he abandoned his Ford Escort in an Oregon trailer park in March 2002. His parents received word from a DVD club recently that Jarvi's membership has been paid through April 2005, suggesting that he's still alive, but most of the other supposed tips have gone nowhere.

    ''How do you even guess where he is?" said Jarvi's father, James Jarvi. ''Every day you think about it, but you've just got to hope for the best.". . ."

    ". . . Samuel Young Chong, 24
    5 feet 9 inches, 155 pounds
    Home Corpus Christi, Texas
    Missing since Dec. 16, 2005, when he abandoned his car on a remote beach
    Medical problem Depression, suicidal
    Profession College student until early 2005
    Found Jan. 1, 2006, in Los Angeles. . ."
    Charles Hoover 38
    ". . . Update: Charles Hoover has been found alive and in good health. See story here.
    A Sugar Land man missing since Dec. 26 no longer is believed to have been abducted, and apparently left his family on his own.
    Charles Hoover . . ."

    ". . . Hoover, who lives with his parents on Mosby Drive in Sugar Land, was at one of his sisters’ homes at about 1 p.m. on Dec. 26, and told family members he was driving to a Wal-Mart store to buy a TV.
    He got into a car, drove toward the store and was never heard from again until today.

    On Friday afternoon, Dina Hoover was searching with Sugar Land Police around an apartment complex in the 1800 block of Austin Parkway for Charles Hoover’s cell phone. She said she’d hired a company that “pinged” the phone, allowing police to trace its location. . ."


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