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    VA - Chesapeake, BlkMale 1069UMVA, in river, Sep'06 - William Valencia-Trujillo


    Oct 5, 2007

    Forensic experts from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) are hoping to identify a body found in Chesapeake Virginia by using the man's remains for a facial reconstruction.
    NCIS Special Agent Ed Gardner, a forensic artist based at the NCIS office on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Brunswick Georgia, is working meticulously to create sketches and a sculpture, which should result in a good approximation of what the man looked like before he died sometime last year.
    Chesapeake Police asked NCIS to help identify the man whose body was found in the Elizabeth River in September of 2006. The body of a black male was recovered from the Elizabeth River. It was determined he had been in the water for approximately a week. The male was discovered unclothed and was wearing a Ferrari watch. The watch was aired by local media but generated few calls. There were no unique physical characteristics that would assist in identifying the man. Detective T. Downing, assigned to the case, was able to rule out numerous missing persons that fit the description during this period.

    more at link

    pics at link
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    I want to see the watch. I find it interesting that I was talking to a co-worker who had a Ferrari watch go missing from her house in Norfolk around the same time this man was found. Not that it was her watch but I never even knew there was even a Ferrari watch. I know I have see this case before, but it may have just been on the local news. Another link.


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    The links have outlived their usefulness but it appears that he's still unidentified.


    Status Unidentified
    Case number T2006-66798
    Date found September 04, 2006 at 08:47 PM
    Estimated age Adult - Pre 40
    Minimum age 20 years
    Maximum age 40 years
    Race Black/African American
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) 150, Estimated
    Height (inches) 69, Measured

    the decedent was found dead in the Elizabeth River near the Jordan Bridge.
    Address 1 100 poindexter street
    Address 2
    City chesapeake
    State Virginia
    Zip code 23324
    County Chesapeake City

    He had short black hair and possibly a goatee.
    Fingerprints are available as a photocopy but not as a completed classification. He had no clothing but wore a black Ferrari watch.

    Dentals are available, DNA is available but not yet submitted.

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    for some reason Donjets's link is restricted. found the UID under a different Namus #:


    two rule outs:

    Richard Dyer 1953 Virginia
    Andrew Hargrove 1976 Michigan

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    New addition just added this afternoon to NamUs.

    Christopher Bailey


    He looks like a very solid possible for this John Doe.


    * Height (5'9") is spot-on
    * Age (40) is at the top end of the estimate (20-40)
    * He was last seen on 25-Aug-2006 - 10 days before the John Doe was discovered (04-Sep-2006), and the body had been in the water about a week.
    * He was last seen in Gaithersburg MD. - about 200 miles from where the body was found.
    * Very solid resemblance.
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    Just realized that the UID's NamUs casefile is offline. Maybe someone already spotted it.


    But I e-mailed Pamela Reed anyway, just in case.
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    Very good resemblance. Let us know if you get word of a match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlK90245 View Post
    Just realized that the UID's NamUs casefile is offline. Maybe someone already spotted it.


    But I e-mailed Pamela Reed anyway, just in case.
    Little trick I learned with Namus is when a case goes offline to look at the Spanish version...


    Identified: William Valencia-Trujillo

    He is not listed on any of the missing sites and I can't find any mention of him on the internet at all. Grrrrrr! /EndLittleRant

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    After six years, body found in river is identified


    By Veronica Gonzalez
    The Virginian-Pilot
    November 17, 2012


    The body bobbed up in the Elizabeth River near the Jordan Bridge after a nor'easter more than six years ago. It was naked, nameless and decomposing.

    A Ferrari wristwatch and a goatee provided the only apparent clues to its identity.

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    Here's William Valencia Trujillo's photo, compared to the reconsructions.

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