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    PA - Gina Brown, 47, Pittsburgh, Jan 2005


    Friday, October 5, 2007

    Police said they are worried about how a criminal's girlfriend vanished from her house in Natrona Heights more than two years ago.

    Gina Brown, now 47, hasn't been seen since Jan. 29, 2005, when she was with fugitive Ralph "Pretty Boy" Skundrich. She is not wanted by police.
    "We don't know if she is alive," said Ray Morrow, special agent in charge of the FBI's Pittsburgh office.

    Brown likely left Harrison with Skundrich, whose last known address was in Valencia, Butler County.

    Skundrich is not a stranger to police or women in the Alle-Kiski Valley, said state police Lt. Paul DeStefano.

    Police and agents believe Skundrich, now 42, may have contacted Brown because she had $30,000 to $40,000 from a divorce settlement. She also is fluent in Spanish.

    much more at link

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    Monday, April 9, 2007


    The FBI says Gina Brown ran off with her dangerous, fugitive boyfriend more than two years ago, and could be in serious danger.

    Gina Maria Brown, also known as Gina Farren Brown, is a "very good person. Very sweet. Very giving. A very good mom," her friend, Jackie Gibson, told CBS News correspondent Bianca Solorzano.

    Brown would be 46 now. The divorced mother of a teenage son was living in a Pittsburgh suburb, working at a real estate company, and dating now 40-year-old Ralph Skundrich, nicknamed "Pretty Boy."

    The FBI calls him a bad boy, who uses several aliases.

    He's a "career criminal who dealt in drugs, which makes him even more dangerous," says Ray Murrow, special agent in charge of the bureau's Pitsburgh office. "He also has the ability to commit burglary, commit murder."

    Brown and Skundrich met a dozen years ago while working out at a local YMCA, and began a rocky relationship.

    "There were two occasions where she left him and returned to her family," Murrow says. "He did nothing but go after the family and intimidate them, and threatened to kill Gina at one point."

    In March 2004, Skundrich was arrested for allegedly plotting a string of burglaries. Police say they found guns, drugs and stolen property.

    Out on bail in early 2005, they say, he cut off his electronic tracking bracelet, and disappeared.

    So did Brown, reports Solorzano: "She left the home where she had been living, she left her son with her ex-husband, and she left a note for her friend, and then vanished."

    On her desk at work, Gibson found an ominous hand-written message from Brown, saying, "I shall leave a cold trail. If not, you'll see me on the front page of one of the many local yokel papers."

    "I believe," says the FBI's Murrow, "every day she spends with Skundrich, she's in great danger. If she does anything he doesn't like, it could be the end for her."

    The FBI says Skundrich could be hiding anywhere in the world, and if they find him, they'll find brown."

    To see Solorzano's complete report, click here.

    If you know how to find Gina Brown, please contact the Pittsburgh FBI office at (412) 432-4000, or your local FBI office.

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    Gina made tips that led to Skundrich's arrest in May 2009.


    Judge to decide who gets $250,000 in forfeited bond money
    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    A Westmoreland County judge must decide who should get a $250,000 forfeited bond for a suspected robber who was arrested in Florida in May after a four-year manhunt.

    The high stakes turned up in the case of Ralph "Pretty Boy" Skundrich, 47, formerly of Valencia, Butler County, who fled Pennsylvania in 2005.

    . . .

    Gina Brown, a Harrison, Allegheny County, woman who left a young son behind to go with Skundrich, called in a tip to the television show "America's Most Wanted" in late April, a year after the program featured Skundrich's disappearance.

    Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Thomas Cessar said Brown followed up her call to the television show two weeks later with a call to Crime Stoppers.

    The latter call prompted police to surround the home Skundrich shared with Brown and make the arrest.
    Skundrich had been living in Pembroke Pines, Fla., near Pompano Beach, under the alias Bernard J. Stopera III and working as a locksmith.

    . . .

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    I'm *so* glad she was found. This was one of those cases that stuck with me for some reason.
    "Don't forget the kangaroo!"

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    I do not believe she was found

    I was just researching this case I can not find anything that says she was found.

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