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    CO - Father Accused of Nearly Killing Newborn

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A 23-year-old father is accused of trying to kill his 21-day-old son.

    Michael Douglas was arrested on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder charges after the boy's mother rushed the baby to the emergency room of a Colorado Springs community hospital late Thursday.

    The baby had a fractured skull and severe bleeding in the brain. (more at link w/pic of *******) (Am I allowed to say *******?)

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    so sad poor baby
    Prom 2008

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    This is happening way too much. If this poor baby survives, there will probably be brain damage.

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    i dont like to think what it took to fracture the skull of a 3 week old baby. the skull is still soft. ugh this makes me sick

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    What can we do to stop this ridiculous behavior ? I feel so enraged and sad and hopeless..there is just too much of this going on with infants and small children? How in the world do we stop this type of thing? It seems like it is getting worse instead of better.

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    I have the solution to your question-- stop having babies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaDawn View Post
    What can we do to stop this ridiculous behavior ? I feel so enraged and sad and hopeless..there is just too much of this going on with infants and small children? How in the world do we stop this type of thing? It seems like it is getting worse instead of better.
    It won't ever stop. Unfortunately, these people are always on the lookout for their next victim....and who are the easiest victims?

    It is a crying shame, but true.
    You shall not accept any information,
    unless you verify it for yourself.
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    No it won't ever stop. In fact, it's getting much, much worse lately. There have been scores of raped and murdered/injured infants within the past months.

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    I wonder if infants were always abused this way but long ago it was easier to cover it up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reb View Post
    I have the solution to your question-- stop having babies.
    You're right, reb, that would be the only foolproof way to make sure it never happens again. I actually think abuse of children is less prevelant today than in the past but we still have a long way to go!
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    It was only a few hundred years ago that people in this country, and the entire world for that matter, led lives that were more harsh and full of pain and suffering than the average person on the street today could ever imagine. People who travelled by wagon train across this country buried their children and spouses all along the way, with no hope of ever going back to visit the graves again. I think part of what we are seeing today, is the general lack of hardship. People don't seem to know how to deal with a little aggravation or interruption in their lives anymore. So many of these type of incidents seem to involve young males who, for one reason or the other, have to take care of a new child for a short period of time - and they can't deal with it. Of course, it isn't restricted to males, look at the Trenton Duckett case for another young person who just couldn't cope. I would be interested to know how many of these people were placed on some sort of mood altering drug in their early years. I have seen children who truly were in need of medication, but for every one of them, I fear there are numerous others who are medicated because their parents don't want to deal with a child learning to control their thoughts and actions. As a society, I fear that we have provided our children with the illusion that life is always good, and you need not suffer.....and if your do suffer, or you face a problem, there is a little pill to make you feel better.

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    January 2010:

    A jury on Monday acquitted a Colorado Springs man of trying to kill his infant son but found him guilty of child abuse that left the boy brain-damaged...

    The blow fractured the boy’s skull and has damaged his ability to speak and walk normally, prosecutors said...

    defense attorney Cynthia McKedy argued that Douglas was an inexperienced, immature parent who simply was trying to get the child to stop crying.

    “We are not contesting the injuries. They are real and they are profound,” she told jurors. But her client did not “knowingly” try to kill his son, she said.

    “He was frustrated. He was overwhelmed,” she said.

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    Dad gets 25 years for blow to head that left boy brain damaged

    Douglas hit his then 21-day-old son hard enough to fracture the boy’s skull. The youngster – who ran outside the courtroom shouting hello to lawyers – looks like a normal 2-year-old boy, said Deputy District Attorney Donna Billek.

    But if anyone talks to the youngster they’ll quickly discover he has a vocabulary of about 12 words and will have profound speech, hearing and learning disabilities for the rest of his life...

    Krystal Denton, the boy’s mother, asked the judge to impose a sentence that would enable Douglas to still be a father to their two sons.

    However, Ronda Denton, the boy’s grandmother who now has custody of Jesse and his younger brother, asked Martinez to impose the maximum 32-year-sentence.

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    Rayemonde, O/T but I wanted to say thank you for updating so many of these cases. I've seen you doing it a lot and I've been wanting to thank you, but felt it might be weird. Today I figured I'd just do it.

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