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    UK - Lesley Molseed, 11, abducted & murdered, Rochdale, Manchester, 5 Oct 1975

    AN 11-year-old girl who was murdered in a "frenzied attack" on remote moorland more than 30 years ago died from multiple stab wounds to her heart and lung, a senior pathologist has said.

    A jury at Bradford Crown Court has heard how Lesley Molseed went missing from her home in Rochdale in October 1975 and was found dead three days later on moors on the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester border.

    Forensic pathologist Professor Christopher Milroy took the jury in detail through the 12 stab wounds which the tiny youngster had suffered.

    The professor was giving evidence on the second day of the trial of Ronald Castree, 54, from Shaw, Oldham, who is accused of murdering Lesley after snatching her as she ran an errand for her mother.

    Much more here

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    A CABBIE stabbed a schoolgirl to death 32 years ago and then let an innocent man serve 16 years for her murder, a court heard yesterday.

    Ronald Castree allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered Lesley Molseed, 11, as she went shopping for her mum in 1975.

    He knifed the three-stone girl — who was wearing Bay City Rollers socks — 12 times in a “frenzied” attack.
    But innocent Stefan Kiszko was jailed for life for her murder, Bradford Crown Court heard.

    Kiszko’s conviction was only quashed in 1992 when it was proved it was medically impossible for him to have been the killer — as he was infertile.

    Castree, 54, was arrested last year after his DNA — collected over an unrelated offence — was matched to samples at the murder scene.

    He allegedly told cops: “I have been expecting this for years.”

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    THE wife of a violent paedophile who murdered schoolgirl Lesley Molseed more than 30 years ago said today he used her family as a “smokescreen” to hide his horrific crime.

    Karen Castree fled to Orkney with her three young children after husband Ronald Castree was arrested for the murder of the 11-year-old.

    The comic book dealer was yesterday jailed for life after being found guilty of murdering the youngster in a sexually-motivated, “frenzied attack” in October 1975.

    Mrs Castree, 49, the killer’s second wife, told Aberdeen’s Press and Journal newspaper she had never suspected her husband was capable of such a crime.

    But she said she felt she and her children had been used by him as a “smokescreen”.

    “It was a case of ’look at me, I have a lovely life with three step-children, I am leading a wonderful normal life’ kind of thing,” she added.

    “We were used as a front of normality”.

    But she added: “The kids have been to hell and back and that is what makes me angriest,” she said.

    Mrs Castree met her husband, 54, at his comic book store in Oldham in August 2003.

    The couple married in 2005.

    In November last year the family woke up with a massive police presence on their doorstep at their home near Oldham.

    Mrs Castree said it had come as a “tremendous shock” to discover her husband’s crime.

    She added that she did not know what he had done until a policewoman took her to a hotel and told her what had happened.


    Castree snatched Lesley on October as she was running an errand for her mother from her home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

    The schoolgirl’s body was found three days later with multiple stab wounds on moor on the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester border.
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    Stefan Kiszko wrongly served 16 years in prison for her murder until he was released in 1992.

    Castree was caught after giving police a DNA sample when he was arrested, but never charged, for a sex attack on a woman in 2005.

    The sample proved a direct link with a sample taken from the murder scene.

    Castree, 54, was jailed for life at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.


    Pic at the link.
    Im delighted so many of these cold cases are now being solved through the use of DNA. Hoping many more can be.

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    Sadly, Stefan Kiszko was destroyed by the miscarriage of justice. His life was stolen from him and he didn't get to enjoy freedom before he died.

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