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    CA - Pamela Pedro, 17, Atwater, 15 Sept 1982


    anyone have any thoughts or more info on this case?? how on earth can someone be dropped off at school, and within a few hours disappear, and no one can say they saw her leave or know where she went? did she sneak out of school with a man? that's the only (most likely) possibility i can think of.
    seems like she was a good kid... maybe she was naive and easily influenced by a charming guy, esp if her parents were very protective of her. what do you supposed could have happened...?
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    This is sad.I pray they find out what happened to her.


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    thanks for correcting that link! i thought i copied/pasted it but for some reason it didn't work. strange case, isn't it.....?

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    I wonder where Cary Stayner was around this time. He was from Merced and was close to the same age as this missing girl.

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    I just wonder if ANYONE saw her at the school. The articles are fairly vague on this point. High schools typically take attendance in every class (because high school kids are notoriously known for skipping them). How many classes did she attend if any? Did anyone see her getting out of the car and walking up to the school? So much missing information!

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    all good questions. but i agree.. like so many other cases.. there's not a lot to go on.. which is why i was wondering if anyone knew any more info. weren't the other students interviewed about that day...regarding if they saw her at all, and if so, when..? and if she had mentioned meeting anyone new, or saw her talking to someone they didn't recognize.. or saw a suspcious vehicle near the school around that time? anything.......???
    and it certainly does seem pretty important to know if she even got inside the school in the first place.

    OK.... so what are your theories?

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    This month marks 28 years that Pamela has been missing. Come home soon.
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    Bringing Rap's post over from the UID forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by RAP66 View Post

    I want to make my first post here. With the interest going on in Linden Ca., it's brought up thoughts of my missing cousin Pamela, so I googles her name and found this website and a few others.

    If I can share with you some of the days following her disappearance. I was in the 6th grade when she disappeared. Our family in was devastated, we had many long weekends going to my Uncle's house to do some family searches. There were many many crank call to my uncles house, leading us to believe that she was abducted. It was just someone on the line crying & whispering "I want to come home". We never found out if the calls were real. interactions with the police/detectives/investigators were really horrible compared to what we see today.

    I dont remember the name of the person but there was one "person of interest" that was stationed at Castle AFB. I dont know what became of that part of the investigation.

    We think about her daily, as our lives keep tredging forward. Many times I dream about her coming home and catching up with her.

    I could go on rambling but it's hard as I reminisce, I turn into that young boy in 6th grade crying about her missing, worrying about her safety and wondering if we (I) will ever see her again.

    To all of you who are actively searching and helping out not just the search for Pam, but everyone else who is missing; Thank You for everything you do.

    -Rich P.

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    It's hard to believe that I was about 12yrs old when she disappeared.

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    Welcome to WS Rapp66.

    So sorry to read about your cousin. Please give any information you remember. Maybe it will help to locate her.

    I'm sure this has been very hard for you and your family. Loosing someone you love is hard and never finding them must be pure torture.

    God Bless you.
    A parole review date is set for July 21, 2012 for Fred Howard Coffey.

    Coffey was convicted of the murder of 10 yr old Amanda Marie Ray, NC. He admitted to molesting 300 children.

    Please write a letter on behalf of Amanda.

    Suspect in the murders of:
    5 yr old Neely Smith, NC
    14 yr old Kathy Lynn Beatty, MD
    8 yr old Travis Shane King, VA

    Possibly connected to the disappearances of:
    14 Yr old Tracy Anne King, PA
    11 yr old Sheila and 13 yr old Katherine Lyons, MD
    15 yr old Carolyn Majane, NJ

    Write to:
    Chairman Charles L. Mann Sr.
    NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
    P.O. Box 29540
    Raleigh, NC 27626-0540
    RE: Fred Howard Coffey, DOC# 0081135
    or send an email to parole@doc.state.nc.us

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    Hello Rapp66, I'm so sorry about your cousin.

    Quote Originally Posted by grievousangel View Post
    I just wonder if ANYONE saw her at the school. The articles are fairly vague on this point. High schools typically take attendance in every class (because high school kids are notoriously known for skipping them). How many classes did she attend if any? Did anyone see her getting out of the car and walking up to the school? So much missing information!
    These are all the things I'm wondering. But if her mother asked the school to page her wouldn't the school be able to check if she had been in lessons that day?
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    I have wondered if she was a victim of the speed freak killers, they were doing their crimes around the area and decade she lived in and when she vanished.
    I have searched the doenetwork and found some UIDs that are similar:
    http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/92uftx.html (this one is iffy for me, i doubt it, but will let u decide)
    Have You Seen Me?
    Deanie Marie Pyle Peters
    Mary Jo Lee Long
    Leanna "Beaner" Warner
    Jodi Huisentruit
    Amy Billig
    Rachael Garden
    Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley
    The Springfield Three
    Fawn & Rozlin Abell
    The Forth Worth Trio
    Rachel Mellon Skemp

    Where is Sharon Rose Sons?
    Discuss her case here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...aron+rose+sons

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    Pamela is our featured cold case from 3/25/12 to 4/1/12

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