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    surgery for girl born with 8 limbs

    She is a gourgeous girl. I wsh them the best!
    CBS/AP) A 2-year-old girl born with four arms and four legs was responding well Tuesday to the early stages of extensive surgery to remove the excess limbs, organs and other body parts of her "parasitic twin," the lead surgeon said.

    Lakshmi's twin stopped developing in their mother's womb. As the surviving fetus, Lakshmi absorbed the limbs, kidneys and other body parts of the undeveloped fetus. Her rare condition is called isciopagus.

    The complications for Lakshmi's surgery are myriad: the two spines are merged, she has four kidneys, entangled nerves, two stomach cavities and two chest cavities. She cannot stand up or walk.

    It's an extremely rare and difficult procedure

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    I saw this.. YES, she is a doll.. What a cutie pie and looks happy.. I pray all goes well with them..

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    I hope this surgery is successful. I saw pictures of her on the web yesterday, and what this poor child has had to endure over the past two years is heartbreaking.


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    Is she ever going to be able to walk? What a shame. She is a beautiful child. Those eyes are killers!!!!

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    Wow....looking at the detailed picture, she has almost a completely formed body on her lower half.

    Childbirth seems so commonplace these days, that things like this really make you think how much of a miracle having a healthy baby really is.

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    Many prayers for her....

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    Awwww, baby girl. Prayers going up for her and her family.

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    Yes prayers for this girl & her family & for the other child who should have been!

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    Oh she is absolutely beautiful! Prayers for her to have a successful surgery, quick healing and a happy and healthy life filled with love.
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    Saw this on tv today......She is so beautiful. Prayers for safe surgeries and healings.

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    Post Indian Girl With Eight Limbs Has Successful Surgery, AFP Says

    By Ed Johnson
    Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- An Indian toddler born with four arms and four legs after being fused with a headless, undeveloped twin fetus in the womb is recovering in hospital following surgery to remove the extra limbs and organs, Agence France-Presse reported.
    The 2-year-old girl, identified only as Lakshmi, had a condition that occurs once in 50,000 twin births, the news agency reported from the city of Bangalore.
    She had absorbed the organs and body parts of the so-called parasitic fetus to which she was joined at the pelvis, according to the report.
    ``She has withstood the operation, she is safe and doing well,'' surgeon Sharan Patil told reporters at the Sparsh Hospital after surgery that lasted more than 24 hours, AFP said. The girl, named after the four-armed goddess of prosperity in the Hindu pantheon, will remain under watch for the next two to three days, according to the report. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p...3o&refer=india
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    I was so happy to read that everything went well. They said that she should be able to walk and have a normal life. She is absolutely gorgeous! Prayers for her and her family.
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    With the huge emphasis on tradition, I was worried that they wouldn't go through with the surgery on her - since many thought she was to be worshiped due to the four extra limbs. I'm glad her parents made the decision to let her live a normal life. Being worshiped would be great - but not at the expense of being unable to walk or to live a normal childhood.
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    What a doll baby! Such a pretty little girl.

    I believe she must be a Hindu goddess reincarnated. Kali comes to mind. Kali was a Hindu goddess with extra limbs. She was a warrior goddess, known to be a bit dark, but also known to be a nuturing, mother type goddess. I believe that this little girl is already a warrior. She is meant for great things. I wish her well. She has a long road ahead of her.

    ETA: Oops! Should have read the thread. I guess they have already decided she is a goddess. The goddess, Lakshmi. That's fitting.
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