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    MO - Tracy Wahwassuck, 43, Laclede County, 13 April 2007

    I was driving through Lebanon, MO a few weekends ago and saw a missing sign for this lady. I have only been able to find one article about her.

    "Wahwassuck was last seen April 13 with her boyfriend at the Tulsa Drive location where they were looking for arrowheads and where the ground and water search has been conducted."


    Is there anyone from this area on here that knows anything about her? I think it is so sad that someone can go missing and there be NO information about it on the internet anywhere.

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    I thought the last paragraph in the article is telling:

    “Her mom and her daughter have been really good at helping us,” he [Deputy Sheriff John Young] said. “The direct family has been good in contacting us with anything they hear or been told. It’s just friends that she was staying with that have been inconsistent about what’s going on here.”

    Have you thought about emailing the reporter an asking if he knows more?


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    Hi, hoppy, I was hoping you would respond since you're so good at figuring these things out.

    I emailed a reporter for the Lebanon paper and haven't heard back yet. I will email the one who wrote the article that I linked to tonight.

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    I don't get it. So she was last seem by her boyfriend when they were looking for arrowheads.. but then she suddenly disappeared? So the boyfriend just turned around and she was gone,, or what??? Come on media,, MORE INFO PLEASE.....?????????

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    I received an email back from the Lebanon paper reporter. It is not online as far as I could find, so I hope it's ok to post the emailed article in full.


    Wahwassuck is her name and this is a story our managing editor did on her that ran on Oct. 3... that's what I know. As far as I know they haven't found her yet.
    Katie Hilton our managing editor might know some more information.
    If there is any information about her case or if anyone knows anything about the case to call the Laclede County Sheriff's department at 417-532-2311.
    Paula Clair

    Lebanon Daily Record
    (417) 532.9131

    By Katie Hilton
    The Daily Record
    There's no trace of Tracy Wahwassuck, last seen on a Friday the 13th in April near her remote trailer on the bank of a rain-swollen river.
    Her grieving family members, and the sheriff, think she met with foul play. Her mother desperately wants to find peace.
    At Lebanon High School in the late 1970s, she was Tracy Rainwater. As her 44th birthday approaches Oct. 21, her parents, two sons, two daughters, four grandchildren, three aunts and numerous cousins plan to celebrate Tracy's life.
    "Right now there's no closure on this," said Darlene Gloria of Lebanon, Tracy's mother. "I'm going to deal with whatever I can deal with to find my baby. I want to be able to lay her to rest."
    Wahwassuck was born in Lebanon and lived in Indiana for several years, moving back to attend Lebanon High School when she was 16. After high school she stayed here for awhile, then moved several times around Missouri, marrying three times and settling in Harrisonville the past several years while she was married, then separated from, Raphael Wahwassuck.
    About last Christmas, Wahwassuck rented an apartment on East Route 66, moving back to Laclede County to be near family. She lived there until March, tending bar at the American Legion Hall near the 127 Exit of I-44.
    But her acquaintance with people involved with drugs, according to her mother and law enforcement, led Wahwassuck to quit her job and move to a remote area of the county off Tulsa Drive. She bought an old travel trailer and parked it on the steep bank of the Gasconade River's Osage Fork. She lived on land that is occupied by several trailers as a sort of family compound for her boyfriend and his two brothers. She was there until she disappeared on a stormy Friday, April 13.
    "Tracy loved nature," Gloria recalls. "She loved fishing and camping. She always said, "I could be happy in a little old camper out by a river.' Well, that ended up badly."
    When Wahwassuck's daughter, Cassidy, was unable to reach her the next day, she began to worry, but Gloria simply thought her daughter had gone to Lebanon.
    "She would never, never just leave," Gloria said, so when Wahwassuck still didn't answer her phone on Monday, she tried to visit her.
    The boyfriend, in discussions with family and law enforcement, offered several theories about what might have happened, including a canoe accident or a fall from the riverbank into the dangerously-swift water. He said he thought Wahwassuck might have been looking for arrowheads near a bridge that had recently been excavated.
    Or, he said, she might have just left.
    Gloria sensed trouble, and she and Wahwassuck's father, Bill Rainwater, who lives near Bennett Spring, went to the Laclede County Sheriff's Department.
    The investigation continues, says Sheriff Richard Wrinkle, but no sign of Wahwassuck was found during an extensive, multi-day search that involved concerned neighbors, deputies, Missouri State Highway Patrol, divers -- even cadaver dogs.
    "We believe that she's deceased," Wrinkle said. "We believe she met with foul play."
    Wahwassuck's purse was in her trailer, a clue that speaks volumes to Wrinkle. "Generally speaking, a woman doesn't leave her purse" when she travels, he noted.
    Although the Osage Fork was quite high that April weekend, the water level dropped quickly. Divers felt they had adequately searched eddies and holes, even though brush piles created by January ice storm debris often choked riverbank areas.
    When heavy rains again raised the river level in August, searchers returned to the area, but they found no new evidence, Wrinkle said. His department continues to interview people who might be linked to the disappearance, and they will pursue testing of evidence for DNA.
    As she waits, Gloria asks anyone who knows anything about the case to call the sheriff's department at 417-532-2311. "I never got a chance to thank all those people who searched for her. With all my heart I thank them for trying to find my baby," she said.
    "There's more to her than just the way she spent the last year of her life," Gloria insisted. "She was not a throw-away child. She was dearly loved by all of her family."
    In addition to her parents, Wahwassuck's family includes a brother, Jim Ramos, of St. Louis. Her oldest son, Zachary Tenholder, is stationed with the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell, Ken., and will ship out for duty in Iraq next week. Her son, Josh Savage, and daughter, Cassidy Rainwater, live in Lebanon. Her daughter, Ishara Wahwassuck, lives in Harrisonville. She has four grandchildren and another on the way, who Gloria fears "will never see her."
    Though she admits that her daughter sometimes kept information from her, Gloria says their relationship was very close. She recalls the last time they were together, Easter Sunday in April. They shared dinner and laughed over two scratch-off lottery tickets. Wahwassuck's last words to her mother are etched in her memory: "Oh, mama, one thing about it when we fuss -- I know you love me unconditionally, and I love you."

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    A University of Missouri anthropologist has determined human bones and clothes found in a Laclede County field Tuesday belong to a 43-year-old woman missing for more than a year, the Laclede County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

    Dental record comparisons confirmed the remains belonged to Tracy Wahwassuck, who went missing April 13, 2007.

    Wahwassuck was last seen in Lebanon near where her bones were found. Her boyfriend told law enforcement officers at the time she might have gone looking for arrowheads.

    Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle in previous days has voiced his belief the bones belonged to Wahwassuck. Because of the condition of the remains, Wrinkle said it could be hard to determine how the woman died.


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