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    TX - Carmen Mares, 35, San Antonio, 2 Sept 2007



    She’s been missing for three months, but there is still no sign of Carmen Mares.


    She was last seen at a bar on Zarzamora giving a stranger a ride home.


    ...her daughter’s 1996 white Mitsubishi Galant is crucial in the investigation.

    “If anybody knows any information as to whether they’ve seen that car, it may not have the same license plates that we originally thought, but this car makes a lot of noise; it sounds like a lawnmower,” she said.

    The San Antonio Police Department has classified Mares as a missing adult, however there is no evidence of foul play.

    The family encourages anyone with information to call police or to go to their Web site at carmenmares.org.

    more at link; no pic at link

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    More info



    According to a San Antonio Police Department missing person's report and a search center news release, Mares was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black T-shirt with crystals on it and short brown-laced boots.


    According to the report, Mares called her fiancé to tell him she was on her way home but never arrived.

    more at link

    (Various media reports give her age as either 34 or 35 years old.)

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    Still more info


    Sept 4 2007

    The woman's boyfriend says she went out with friends last night, but never came home. No one has heard from her since about three this morning, after they all left a westside bar earlier.

    Carmen Mares and friends had spent most of the night at the bar. When it closed, she left and was supposed to meet back up with her friends. They got a text message saying she was on her way, but she never made it.

    It's been a long day for Pete Maciel. No one has heard or seen his girlfriend Carmen since very early Monday morning.

    It was a girl's night out at a westside bar, where five girls talked and drank.

    The women arrived at the bar around nine Sunday night, and they were having fun. Carmen decided to play some pool with two different guys, one of them she decided to give a ride home.

    "I told her don't take him," Carmen's friend Roxanne Fernandez said. "You don't know who he is. You don't know nothing about him. She told us, 'I'll be back in 20 minutes.'"

    Carmen never made it back.


    Carmen's friends say she left with a man with tattoos and red spikey hair.

    more at link

    (Note: Some media reports call Pete Maciel her boyfriend, others her fiance.)


    At least this site FINALLY gives a photo and a physical description:

    Height: 5' 04" Weight: 125 lbs. Age Missing: 35 Eye Color: BrownHair Color: BrownDate of Birth: 8/26/1972Race: WhiteSex: FemaleState Missing From: TexasCountry Missing From: USACircumstances: Ms. Mares has a tribal tattoo on her lower back and is known to wear colored contact lenses. She was last seen wearing a black t-shirt with crystals on it, jeans and brown lace up boots. Ms. Mares may be traveling in her 1996 white Mitsubishi Galant bearing Texas license plate 686KGV.


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    Carmen's brother, Lenny's site...

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    Carmens NamUs case file:


    According to NamUs the vehicle she was known to be driving at the last time she was seen is still not recovered.

    I wonder if they ever did a sketch on the guy she was alleged to have given a ride.

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    When asked about the 60 open cases the center follows, Calloway mentioned two other high-profile missing persons: Joshua Davis and Carmen Mares.

    Davis went missing from his parent's home in New Braunfels nearly three years ago; his parents believe he was kidnapped. The Davis family continues to work closely with The Heidi Search Center to keep Davis' case in the public eye.

    Mares went missing in 2007. The 35-year-old mother of two was last seen at a bar on N. Zarzamora Street and W. Woodlawn Avenue. The Heidi Search Center recently released an age-progression photo of Mares.

    Anyone with information regarding the mentioned disappearances is urged to call the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7660.

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