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    Angry Foster parent arrested on charges of raping 14-year-old


    This little girl was raped and impregnated by Tommy James Isbell, 35 when she was 11 (but that was okay according to him since the sex was consensual. He'd been having sex with her since she was 9!)

    She goes to a new family and the new foster father rapes and impregnates her?

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    That poor girl just didn't stand a chance anywhere. My heart is aching for her.
    Happy New Years

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    Angry Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

    This is disgusting. This poor child, and I cannot believe that this PIECE of CRAP was released on Bail!! Bad Judge , he/she needs to be removed from the bench immediately. Foster children are not disposable, what makes people think that this behavior is acceptable.

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    this young girl is going to have such a warped sense of her sexuality and self worth she will need years to over come it preferably with a good therapist. i doubt the state is taking care of it but hope i am wrong.

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Already you can see the defense the latest perp is going to launch-"It was consensual...you see she seduced someone else when she was nine."

    Someone close to me was in this situation-she was sexually abused by her stepfather starting at 5 until she was 12. She went to her best friends dad and confided in him (seeing as he was a police officer) and then he raped her. He also brought her back to her stepfather and let him know she had told someone. Both men are doing time, interestingly enough, because she had the courage to press charges before the statute of limitations ran out. She is one of the bravest women I know and a loving mother as well as wife. She will never heal from this experience, but she has learned to live with it. I wish the same for this baby-girl.