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    LA - Marcus Farina, 5 months, Hollywood, 6 Dec 1991

    I was going down the list on doenetwork with ones that had possible myspace accounts and I got a possibility with Marcus Farina (family abduction) who has been missing from Los Angeles, Ca. since 1991



    I think it's a possibility. I wanted to send it in the LAPD, but I couldn't find an e-mail for them and I'm deaf and can't call it in. If somebody on here thinks this might be a possibilty too, could you please call it. Numbers for the LAPD can be found here http://www.lapdonline.org/ Thanks so much

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    The profile has been set to private.

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    Hi Mrs Norwood!

    I couldn't tell much from that myspace because it was private, but wonder what you think about this myspace from Venezuela:

    The pics are private but there's a slideshow on the right that I believe has pics of "Antonio" (Marcus' middle name). The myspace age is 17 though and he would have been 16 this year according to the missing info you linked.

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    wow, that sure looks a lot like him. i'd call it in if I were you.

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