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    AR - Little Rock, NtvAm/AsianMale 266UMAR, 30-50, Nov'99 - Dennis Furrer

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    Looks like a great match to me - the missing man (Jarrod Green) disappeared from Searcy, about 50 miles northeast of North Little Rock, where the UID body was found. The timing is right, and the reconstruction looks a lot like him. I would contact the proper authorities if I were you.

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    Hi Sugie, I think it's worth calling in. The artist's rendering seems to indicate rather pronounced features, but I can see some of that in the pictures of Jarrod.

    I google-earth'd the two locations and it appears the two locations can be reached via highways 64/67, almost a straight shot.

    Good luck!

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    Great work Sugie. Looks like a definate match. I would hope though that they considered Jarrod as the UID

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    Diamondgirl, I agree, I hope that they looked close to home first. I will try and contact someone with LE and see for sure.

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    I have contacted Detective Pedersen with the possible match. Will keep you updated.

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    Had an e-mail from Detective Pedersen in Little Rock today. He has contacted the Searcy PD and they are "working together on this. Jarrod Green has neither been confirmed or ruled out at this point."
    Not much news, but at least I know they are looking at the possible match.

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    Did you ever hear back from them, Sugie?

    says only Patrick Collins has been ruled out.

    Jarrod Green seems a bit unlikely to me because Namus lists the decedent's race as Asian, and he's 10 years younger than the lower end of the age range (30-50) as well. What are the odds of them getting both things wrong?

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    this thread does not explicitly limit the discussion to just one potential match.

    this missing person is about as good a possible match as there is in the relatively small universe of 6'3" Asian or Native missing men.

    Innocente Yanez was a 26 y.o. Native male missing from Cherokee County, OK in January 1999. that would place the date of death just under the lower end of the 1-6 yr range.

    Innocente was 6'2" and 26 y.o. so he is under the lower end of the age ranges.

    Cherokee County is on the eastern end of OK, one county away from the border with Arkansas.

    of particular interest is that Innocente is said to have had surgical scars to both wrists. (possible earlier suicide attempt that necessitated surgical repair?) the UID died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Innocente disappeared in January and the UID was wearing insulated clothing.


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    Has this UID been identified? The NamUs link gives me the "you do not have permission" message and I can't find any other Arkansas UID in Pulaski County found on that date.

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    I got word from a reliable source that this John Doe has been ID'd as Dennis Furrer:


    His mother e-mailed Charley Project back in December to say he had been matched to an Arkansas John Doe, and I forwarded that to the NamUs case manager so that they could close his MP casefile. But 10 months later, his NamUs MP casefile is still open.

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    I love looking at a "solve" like this and seeing if I think I ever would have made this match. In this case, the timeframe was right and the height was right. That's about it.

    Furrer's car was found in Florida and there's nothing that we would have known of to suggest he would be in Arkansas, 16 hours away. There was nothing to say he was suicidal or at a high risk for foul play, though he disappeared right before the holidays which can be a very difficult time for people dealing with depression. He was 26 and the age was 30-50. He is listed as White in NamUs, though at Doe this is said to be a Native American or Asian male. I wonder if he has some Native American ancestry?

    I totally see his nose and mouth in the recon. But the forehead, brow, and facial shape look different. I'm thinking the combo of age, race, and distance, I would have passed on this one.

    Glad the family has some closure.

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    This was a comparatively recent UID, too. I would like to know how rigorously the anthropometrics are usually done. I assume it varies by jurisdiction. Do they take measurements and then enter them into a computer program that spits out a probability for each racial or ethnic grouping? Or is the final decision more art than science?

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    His Doe Network profile (link below for as long as it is available) states that foul play is/was suspected.

    I wonder if they still think that. The state of the doe's remains seem to indicate it was a clear-cut suicide.

    It would seem a stretch to think that a murderer would take him all they way to Arkansas to kill him. But I wonder how he got there. His car was left in FL and he doesn't seem the type of person to hitch-hike or jump on a train like that.
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