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    MO - Megan Meier, 13, Mentally Abused, Commits Suicide

    "Megan went to her room and Ron went downstairs to the kitchen, where he and Tina talked about what had happened, the MySpace account, and made dinner.

    Twenty minutes later, Tina suddenly froze in mid-sentence.

    "I had this God-awful feeling and I ran up into her room and she had hung herself in the closet."

    Megan Taylor Meier died the next day, three weeks before her 14th birthday.

    Later that day, Ron opened his daughter's MySpace account and viewed what he believes to be the final message Megan saw - one the FBI would be unable to retrieve from the hard drive.

    It was from Josh and, according to Ron's best recollection, it said, "Everybody in O'Fallon knows how you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a ****** rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you."

    Tina and Ron saw a grief counselor. Tina went to a couple of Parents After Loss of Suicide meetings, as well.

    They tried to message Josh Evans, to let him know the deadly power of mean words. But his MySpace account had been deleted.

    The day after Megan's death, they went down the street to comfort the family of the girl who had once been Megan's friend. They let the girl and her family know that although she and Megan had their ups and down, Megan valued her friendship.

    They also attended the girl's birthday party, although Ron had to leave when it came time to sing "Happy Birthday." The Meiers went to the father's 50th birthday celebration. In addition, the Meiers stored a foosball table, a Christmas gift, for that family.

    Six weeks after Megan died, on a Saturday morning, a neighbor down the street, a different neighbor, one they didn't know well, called and insisted that they meet that morning at a counselor's office in northern O'Fallon.

    The woman would not provide details. Ron and Tina went. Their grief counselor was there. As well as a counselor from Fort Zumwalt West Middle School.

    The neighbor from down the street, a single mom with a daughter the same age as Megan, informed the Meiers that Josh Evans never existed.

    She told the Meiers that Josh Evans was created by adults, a family on their block. These adults, she told the Meiers, were the parents of Megan's former girlfriend, the one with whom she had a falling out.


    No one has been charged with a crime, but this story belongs here.
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    Those people are too horrible for words. They should die of shame. But no, they don't feel "too guilty."

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    I just read this article and was coming on here to see if it had been posted yet. This makes me absolutely sick. It is so heartbreaking. I know that on this site we run into a lot of adults who do stupid things, but this is absolutely horrible. Even if Megan hadn't been suffering from depression and self-esteem issues, what those "adults" did was way over the top, enough to make any teenager extremely upset. I can't even get my feelings straight right now. I am horribly upset for Megan and her family, yet filled with rage at the people who did this to her. And the fact that no charges will be filed?!? Come on...

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    Can't they file a reckless disregard for human life charge or something? This is disgusting! A family of sociopaths killed this girl basically. They shouldn't get away scott free.
    What is this about they constructed the profile with the help of a "temporary employee"? as stated in the article in the above link. The woman and her daughter who are responsible for this most likely did the whole thing themselves. They need to list their names who cares about their teenage daughter, they just pretty much murdered someone else's, they have no remorse. My prayers for the Meiers.

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    oh goodness. i just finished that long article and this is SO sad. i feel so bad for her parents. the people behind the myspace should be punished in some way.
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    I find it revolting that adult parents would insert themselves in their adolescent children's social lives in such a manner. It's extremely irresponsible and immature.
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    Prayers for Megan's family. . .

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    I am at a loss for words. May they burn in hell is all I can come out with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
    Prayers for Megan's family. . .
    This is so sad. Prayers sent, but I also pray these adults pay dearly for this.

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    These parents definitely need to suffer the consequences for their actions. Although, I would prefer something stronger, I hope Megan's family at least brings a civil suit and makes them pay financially....this is the lowest. Imagine what their daughter will be when she grows up!

    I see that's not happening and the other family has managed to ruin both Megan's parents' lives as well. What a low-life.

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    On one of the news shows this morning they said the family isn't going to sue or press charges?? This is such a sad sad story.

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    This breaks my heart. The mother who created the fake account said in the news article that she doesn't feel guilty since she found out that Megan had attempted suicide before, that lady has some serious mental issues. Prayers for the Meiers.

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    The cruelty of some people amazes me... oh how I hope this haunts them, forever.

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    Their names need to be out for everyone to see who would do such an awful thing. Surely there is some charge that can be used. Surely someone can't drive a young girl to suicide and not pay any penalty.

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    If Nancy Grace can be sued for wrongful death, it seems that these parents have a much stronger case.

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