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    IN - Day Care Owner Charged With Molestation

    Happy New Years

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    in a van down by the river
    What a sick POS.

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    Not another one.. ugh. People need to be screened and take some kind of test before they are going to run a daycare center. This would include a thorough background check. I would always be suspicious of males owning or running daycare.. They need to install cameras in every room that children would be in, in daycare centers. They do it for some places that babysit pets. You can log on online and watch your pets playing. They can do it for children, too then.

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    Disgusting. Good on the phone sex worker for alerting the police though!

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    It Never Ends

    That's the second day care worker I saw got busted this week. There's police officers and a Pediatrician, and people in Government, and the dude worked at the Children's Museum. It just never ends and it's sickening. Oh and the Boy Scout leader this week as well. Amazingly he had images of young girls though. They are still looking at his computer and stuff though.

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