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    VA - Charles Gardner, 54, Westmoreland County, Nov 2007



    Sometime early Tuesday morning, Charles Gardner walked out of his caregiver's house in Colonial Beach.

    The mentally handicapped man hasn't been seen since, and the Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may have seen him to call them.

    Gardner is 54 years old, but his caregiver, Judy Brown, said he has the mental age of a young child. He's also diabetic, has high blood pressure and is prone to seizures. Brown is worried that he has gone so long without his medications.


    Wilkins said dogs tracked Gardner no farther than the street, and he may have gotten a ride from someone.


    He's a black man about 5 feet 7 inches tall, she said.

    He's soft-spoken, and shies from physical contact. He loves fried chicken, spaghetti and sandwiches. He has a scar across the top of his head and another on his right shoulder.

    He was wearing black tennis shoes, dark navy-blue jogging pants, a striped button-down shirt and a black jacket, Brown said. He didn't take his gloves or hat, something that makes her worry even more.

    Gardner also had on two hospital wristbands, which had his name and a hospital ID number on them. Brown said she left them on just in case something like this happened.

    Wilkins said a couple of witnesses believe they saw Gardner on Tuesday morning. He's asking anyone else who thinks they spot him to call the Sheriff's Office at 804/493-8066.

    more at link; no pic at link
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    May be in Washington DC

    From http://www.journalpress.com/default....lpress&he=.com

    Captain Bryon Wilkins, of the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department, has been actively investigating Gardner’s disappearance and says he doesn’t feel that Gardner is in the area any longer. Gardner has disappeared before and been found in the D. C. area. Wilkins says that he has a D. C. phone number for Gardner’s mother, but that it has been disconnected.

    Wilkins says that he is “still digging into this and has found out a great deal about care for the elderly in the course of his investigation.”

    He was surprised to learn that private individuals can take in and care for up to three seniors without a state license. Wilkins says that Gardner ended up in Westmoreland County due to shuffling around.

    “He was first at a facility in Stafford,” said Wilkins. “That place was closed and then he was sent to a place in Fredericksburg. From there, Gardner ended up down here.”

    Gardner was the sole individual being cared for in the private home at which he was staying.

    more at link

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