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    MA - Father Accused Of Biting Off Son's Lip

    In a shocking child abuse case, a Lowell, Mass., man was arrested for allegedly biting off the lip of his 22-month-old son, MyFoxBoston reported Saturday.
    The father, 26-year-old Tai Chan, allegedly attacked the child, ripping his son's bottom lip off completely. Police were called the scene Saturday and found the father acting erratically. He was believed to be under the influence of drugs. more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,312094,00.html

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    Hopefully the babies lip was reattached!
    The father should never have custody or visitation rights to the baby again.

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    OMG! That poor child!

    I agree with philamena...no visitation for him. He should automatically lose parental rights. JMO.

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    They need to lock him up for attempted murder at least. Drugs or not, whatever his excuse may be, he has no impulse control, and surely he'd kill someone next time.
    My prayers for that poor baby..

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    Were the Mom and Dad still together?

    What a sick man!! I hope he goes to jail and gets his uh, you know bit off.

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    What a sick SOB. I hope that the judge is not stupid enough to let him near that baby again. Any word on how the baby is doing?
    Happy New Years

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    He should automatically lose visitation/custody of this child.

    I know this is harsh, but it's how I feel. In these cases where a parent harms a child, I think their parental rights should be terminated immediately. NO second chances given.

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