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    IN - East Chicago, Male skeletal remains in woods, Nov'07


    EAST CHICAGO | Human remains have been found in East Chicago, Lake County coroner David Pastrick said Tuesday morning.

    Pastrick said his staff began investigating a case early Monday afternoon, searching several areas in the county for a body, or remains.

    "There isn't a whole lot going on right now," Pastrick said Tuesday from the scene. "We found some remains, and we're looking for more."

    He did not provide details on what was found, or where it was found.

    Pastrick said his office received help from the Allen County Sheriff's Department in locating the remains. He said more details would be provided later in the day.
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    The starting post info is kinda vague but this story seems to fit, it was published the next day.

    Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2007
    EAST CHICAGO -- Coroner: Man wasn't killed at site
    John Doe remains found in E.C

    EAST CHICAGO | Region authorities are investigating how the decomposed remains of a male homicide victim turned up in a wooded area in East Chicago, the Lake County coroner said.

    The coroner and East Chicago police were working Tuesday to identify the skeletal remains of the man found in a mess of dirt and weeds at the intersection of 150th Street and Parrish Avenue.

    Coroner's investigators first responded to a report of human remains at 9:54 a.m. Monday, the coroner reported. The team found the remains, partially in a white plastic bag, and performed an autopsy Tuesday, Lake County Coroner David Pastrick said.

    Pastrick ruled the death a homicide, as the autopsy found a stab wound to the back of the body, he said.
    The spot where the remains were found is a curved patch of grass neighbored by train tracks and an industrial lot under construction. Pastrick said the frequency of contractors at the site, paired with its easy access and lack of good lighting, pose a "real challenge" in solving the case

    Not sure what happened next, I didn't find follow-up info about the victim being identified nor a DN/Namus link for this Doe.

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    Lake County, IN has two uid's in NamUs so I assume they would use it if they had more? Not sure though.......

    Maybe I will put a call in to inquire unless someone else wants to.


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    I believe this is the Namus link


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