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    TX - Sanda Win, 16 mos, dies when 4yo knocks car out of gear, 18 Nov 2007

    AMARILLO, Texas A 16-month-old girl died after she was pinned against a wall by a car that a 4-year-old neighbor somehow shifted into gear, police said.
    Sanda Win was outside of her family's apartment with her brothers and sisters when the car rolled toward them on Sunday.
    "The other children ran, but Sanda didn't," said ZuneMay Oo, a neighbor and family friend. "It bumped her. When I saw her, she was between the car and the apartment wall with her face against the bumper.
    "After we called 911, we went to the hospital, but she was already dead."
    Sanda's family, who immigrated from Burma last year, buried the child on Monday. more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,312322,00.html

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    OMG what a terrible tragedy.

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    Why was there a 4 year old playing in the frickin car? I feel so bad for these families. I hope that the 4 yr old doesn't understand what he did, that would be a lot to handle.
    Happy New Years

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    Quote Originally Posted by teonspaleprincess View Post
    Why was there a 4 year old playing in the frickin car?
    Because people don't care where their children are. It's far easier to just let these kids go out to play and never check on them. Unfortunately I see this all the time. It's not uncommon for some people to allow their kids to use a car as a playground. This is such a sin. Such an unnecessary thing to happen.

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    The child must have hit the shift into neutral and it rolled trapping the baby between the wall and bumper. Another death that could have been prevented..

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    I wonder if the other children were also unattended since they were playing in front of an area where a car was sitting. That in itself is avery dangerous thing to allow children to do.

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    When I was 3, I gathered my stuffed animals up grabbed my mom's keys and ventured out to the garage. Which was usually locked as was the house doors. I placed my "friend's" in the car and planned a trip to the park. Thankfully the garage door was open when I put the car in reverse. It rolled down the drive way and the car came to rest on the dead end sign across the street. I was able to use the key to open the car door. I also placed them in the ignition but didn't turn the car on.

    I still remember it like yesterday!

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    i remember this happened when we were kids...my sister and a friend were sitting in our parked car. It was in the driveway...my sister pulled the release brake and it rolled down into the garage door. They were five or six years old...thankfully no one was hurt, the car rolled like ten feet or something. However, it broke a spring on the garage door and my father had to pay for it (we lived in a duplex and rented). We still laugh about it...i think now cars have safety features so you can't do things like that!

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    I am more also wondering if the 16 month old was outside without supervision? I get sick of seeing people leave toddlers to be watched by older children who are not old enough to be keeping track of a younger sibling.

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