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    AZ - Len Lee Ducharme, 53, Mesa, Nov 2007 - Suicide Risk


    Mesa police are seeking the publicís help in locating a missing man.

    Len Lee Ducharme, 53, was last seen on Friday. He is a is paranoid schizophrenic Has made suicidal threats in past. He takes medication for his condition, but it isnít known whether he those drugs with him.

    Ducharme is described as a white male, 5-foot-10 in height, weighing 200 pounds. He was wearing jeans with a blue Oxford button-down shirt and white Fila tennis shoes.

    He was driving a red 2004 Ford Mustang with a tan top, and Arizona license plate 788 YLJ.

    Anyone with information concerning Ducharmeís whereabouts are encouraged to call the police at (480) 644-221.


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    I'm looking for the possible sister of Len Ducharme. Her name is Dianna. Please reply if you have information.

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    Found a possibility listed in California - could it be her? Why are you looking for her, if I might ask and feel comfortable giving you the info?
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    This particular Dianna Ducharme is likely in AZ. She is 55 years old. I don't know her married name.

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