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    GA - Unidentified remains near Ellabell Georgia - Roy Robert Barbaris Jr

    They were found not far from Savannah. There is a woman who has been missing since 2002 a county over, Allyson Romedy I believe her name is.
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    Any updates on the remains found? TIA.

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    Human Remains Found in Bryan County

    ELLABELL, GA--Very few details are being released about human remains found in north Bryan County. The discovery was made yesterday just off Wade Carter Road in Ellabell.

    Neighbors who live along this quiet country road are not accustomed to seeing detectives and crime tape sealing off the woods. "I never heard anything like that before," said Irene Smith.

    "It was just terrible, because I have never in my 66 years of being here heard that," said Celie Smith. That, being news someone had found human remains in the woods.

    Celie Smith says it was her nephew who made the gruesome discovery then later called his aunt. "He said, 'I'll tell you when you get here, come here quick,'" said Celie.

    I expect it's this victim:
    RICHMOND HILL - Human remains found Nov. 25 in a heavily wooded area near Ellabell have been identified as those of Roy Robert Barbaris Jr., 40, of Savannah, Bryan County Sheriff's Department Deputy David Ellis said Monday.

    Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith said Barbaris had been missing from Savannah since July 2006, when his father and landlord, Tony Sanford, reported to police that they were unable to find him. They told police that their last interaction with Barbaris was July 5, 2006, when he told Sanford the rent would be late, according to the initial Savannah-Chatham police report.

    But Ellis said even though Barbaris had been missing for almost 18 months his name did not appear in the National Crime Information Center's computerized list of missing persons.

    "If he had ever been declared a missing person, his name would have appeared there," said Ellis.

    The GBI has not released a cause of death

    - The human remains in Ellabell are identified as belonging to Savannah resident Roy Robert Barbaris Jr. The cause of death is uncertain. The case remains under investigation

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