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    Doctor Delivers 4 Sets Of Twins On One Shift

    Merkitch said the hospital averages 31 twin births a year, so four in one day is well above average.He thanked his nurses with Doublemint gum, Dubble Bubble gum and Twix bars.
    (more at link)

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    Wow! That was an exciting day for him. I wonder if the doctor he was subbing for did this to him deliberately (knowing all those twins were due during that week)...lol.

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    He sounds like a really nice doctor.

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    I bet that was a day he will never forget!!!! He also sounds like even with all he did that day he still maintained a great bedside manner and took it all in stride. Kudos to him and his nurses for being there and doing a great job!!!!

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    that's sweet. he does sound like a nice guy to be so enthusiastic about it. (some would gripe...)

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