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    WA - Jerid Sturman-Camyn, 20, dragged to death, Newport, 24 Nov 2007

    A man has been charged for dragging student with car for 13 miles:


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    ummm... I think they must not have a lot of problem solving skills...they couldn't just restrain him or something other than tie a rope around his neck and drag him to death? Seems more like murder than manslaughter if you ask me.

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    Looks like they filed second degree murder charges-which is a gift if you ask me. And the man's attorney is being allowed to cast blame on the guy's son???

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    From September 2008:


    A Spokane County man convicted in the dragging death of an Eastern Washington University student has been sentenced to 27 months in prison... Sinn entered an Alford plea to a second-degree manslaughter charge...

    The son, Justin Sinn, told investigators he didn’t know he’d been dragging Sturman-Camyn and hasn’t been charged in the death.

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