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    FL - Brevard County - Unidentified Jane Does

    May I ask can you Please help me.I contacted the medical examiner in Brevard county Florida.I believe he said the remains found with kimberely walker (she was found in January?1985 in Brevard County Florida)were not human.I believe he said it was a dog.I think there is a mistake.The BCSO has on thier website a unidentified female was found with her.Is there anyway you please tell me and find out more on these remains found with kimberely walker in 1985 and the other Jane Doe found in 1985 in palm Bay?(A headless victim)were any clothes,skull,jewlery found ect...on them?.I would very much like these unidentified Jane Does checked with my sister.there are no dental on my sister.I don't think they have DNA on these Jane Does.They told me they could not afford it.I told them about the place in Texas that is doing this for free.I have not heard anything back on any of this.I also saw a show last night on body of evidence with Dale Hinman that John Brennen Crutchly was a suspect in the case of the headless victim found in 1985 to in palm bay.I'm not sure if kimberely walkers skull was found.I think it was partial dental some how.I am not convinced there victims were John Brennen Crutchly's victims.If these cases are closed they need to be reopened.I know some one loves these unidentified Jane Does and want to find out what became of thier loved ones.Can you please tell me more on these unidentified victims or the circumstances around this. .Thankyou for reading this.If you know anything at all or can find out for me.Please email me at suzannec4444@yahoo.com

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    I find this very strange.I have emailed alot of people on this and have heard nothing back.They do know I am looking into this.If anyone please finds out more on this please email me at



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    Did you ever get anywhere with this? This article from 1988 says she was found with another woman who had not been identified...


    I hope you have found some answers regarding your sister.

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