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    Canada - Cheryl 'Lynne' Harper, 12, Clinton, Ont, 9 June 1959

    Cheryl Lynne Harper (August 31, 1946 June 9, 1959) was a schoolgirl who was raped and murdered near Clinton, Ontario, on June 9 or 10, 1959. A 14-year-old classmate, Steven Truscott, was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death; his sentence was commuted and he served approximately 10 years in prison. Continuing to maintain his innocence, he won an acquittal in the Ontario Court of Appeal on August 28, 2007.

    above summary from Wikipedia

    Timeline of the case:

    Ontario Court of Appeal throws out Truscott's conviction in murder of Lynne Harper:

    Truscott's supporters have long contended the real killer may have been a military man. Clinton, Ontario was home to a Canadian air force base in the late 50s, leading to speculation that someone who toiled or lived on that property could have committed the crime and easily gotten away with it.

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    Lynne Harper

    Thanks for posting that one, Gina.
    Yes, now that Steven Truscott is finally acquitted, it is time to see if we can solve the Lynne Harper murder. Like we finally bestowed Justice on Steven, we should also try to do justice to Lynne.

    Many cold cases have been solved but it takes more than the input of a few...the whole community must combine their talents. By this I mean the ones who worked to have Steven convicted, as well as those who worked so hard to have him acquitted, should all get together. After 48 years, every one is needed to serve justice on Lynne.

    Persons of interest must be checked again.

    Forensic people should re-visit the evidence to see if anything can be gleaned from it with modern technology.

    Crime profilers should be called upon to do an analysis of the crime scene and the crime itself.

    Simple cross checks should be done by the police. One example would be the abduction of Marianne Schuett, from Kilbride. She was seen getting into a car in 1967, just eight years after Lynne was last seen getting into a car.
    The town of Clinton, where Lynne was from, is only an hour and a half drive from Kilbride, an easy commute for a person with a car.

    I feel it is important that cases like these be re-checked. At the time, Truscott was still considered guilty by the police, now that this has proven to be a wrongful conviction, police must re-trace their steps.

    Criminals in the Clinton area should also be re-checked. There is so much that could and should be done, that isn't done. Now is the time IMHO.

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    June 28, 2006: Sandra Stolzman testifies Jocelyn Gaudet, a key child witness in Truscott's 1959 murder trial, admitted she lied under oath to her and a group of fellow resident nurses in Montreal in 1966. Stolzmann also testifies that Gaudet suggested that a man who was spotted driving a yellow car in the area should have been considered a prime suspect. Another nursing co-worker, Elizabeth Hulbert, seconds Stolzmann's account.
    (from the timeline link above)

    I'd like to know more about this Jocelyn Gaudet and why she lied under oath. Was she protecting someone?

    We have a thread on Marianne Schuett here:
    I wonder if LE has taken a look at this possible connection. Unfortunately, the suspect in Marianne's case committed suicide, so he can't provide LE with any more information or be prosecuted for his crime.

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    Gina, You should be able to find answers to all your questions here:
    The reasons why Jocelyne allegedly lied is really too much to go into here.

    Briefly, though, might it not have been a lie at all? Could it have been a matter of the cops bearing down on a child witness to make her tell in court what THEY wanted to hear?

    That said, there was some eye witness accounts that Lynne was seen in the vicinity of Jocelyne's house shortly after Lynne left home.

    As to the accounts of Stoltzman/Hulbert, these 2 women sounded very credible in court. It was very apparent that they wanted to tell the truth, but I felt that their credibility was somewhat doubted by the judges due to the passage of time which is understandable.

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    Bumping for Lynne.

    All kinds of hugs!


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    Lynne Harper's Father Dies

    I just ran across the obituary of Leslie Harper, Lynne's father:


    So sad that he died without ever finding out what really happened to his little girl.

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    Lynne Harper was raped and murdered. Her lifeless body was found in Lawson’s Bush on June 11, 1959. The subsequent autopsy determined that she had been strangled with her own blouse. These are the only undisputed facts in what history calls the Truscott case...

    The most enduring tragedy of the case is that there will be no closure for the Harper family. There are no websites or organizations demanding justice for Lynne Harper. There is no monetary settlement for the Harper family to compensate for their half-century of suffering. That, in the end, is the ultimate tragedy.

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    Followers of the Lynne Harper murder case may be interested in a book recently published by retired OPP officer Barry Ruhl. He is reasonably sure he knows who Lynne's killer was (though for legal reasons, he doesn't name this person); it was a repeat offender with whom he had a personal encounter of the criminal kind.

    I've hear Barry tell his story in person and share insights into the case. The book is a gripping read . Here's more about it:



    Buy from Amazon:


    I thought it well worth the price, but if you're watching your wallet you might suggest your public library buy it for its readers. It's certainly of general interest to many Ontarians.

    It's also available as an e-book.

    Here's Barry's website:


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