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    Youssif can smile after third surgery.

    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Youssif squats at the edge of the lake at Balboa Park near Los Angeles, tentatively holding out bread for the ducks, his large dark eyes widening in delight and fear as it's snatched from his hands.


    Look at Youssif's new pics he can smile again and eat. God bless this little boy for all he has had to endure. He had major bleeding during his last surgery and had to be taken back two more times for surgery within 24 hours. I could hardly watch the video of his mother crying and asking why did God let this happen to her child.

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    God bless that brave, beautiful little boy. I think this was one of the hardest things to watch ever. Why would someone do that to a helpless little child? I know this is hard on the parents, but shame on them for focusing on his looks instead of his mental scars and his physical health. This little one will be in my prayers. I hope that they do updates periodically. I would love to keep up with his progress.
    Happy New Years

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    What a beautiful story. I'm so happy for him. What a darling he is!

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