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    The War on Santa

    It's apparently an unofficial holiday tradition -- beating the crap out of the dude in the Santa Claus suit. Even a half-century ago, Santa's red-garbed, jelly-bellied imitators were not immune to the aggressions of reckless youth with time to waste, carrying grudges about Christmases past. In December, 1947, a small AP item ran nationwide about five teen boys who assaulted one John Logan as he made his way home after playing Santa one evening in an Ohio department store. The boys apparently jumped St. Nick in an alley that December night, tearing off his "flowing white beard and wig."

    Those teens' spiritual kin live on today in 2007, giving Santas the world over all sorts of hell, up to and including gunfire...

    Here's my post about the War on Santa () for RadarOnline.com:

    "The War on Christmas."

    Steve/Mr. A

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    Steve! You've lost your ever-lovin mind!

    LOL -- Happy Ho Ho Ho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfmom View Post
    Steve! You've lost your ever-lovin mind!

    LOL -- Happy Ho Ho Ho!
    I really like it when I can write stuff like that for them, where it's crime-related, all right, but light-hearted. (Though the Santa who got beaned in Spokane might disagree.)

    Steve/Mr. A

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    That's very funny. Thanks for sharing it.

    Personally, I can understand wanting to smack Santa, but civilization requires restraint.

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    If it's not Santa, it's the Easter bunny and maybe that guy in the chicken suit advertising the nearest restaurant opening..

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