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    CT - Erika Cirioni, 26, Norwich, 1 January 2007

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

    Missing Since: December 31, 2006 from Norwich, Connecticut
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 158 lbs.
    Hair Color: Red
    Eye Color: Blue
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Tattoos: Chinese symbol on
    back and the name "Lewis" on right ankle. Medical Conditions: May suffer from bi-polar disorder.
    Substance abuse, including alcohol and cocaine. Clothing: Blue jeans, sneakers, green shirt, black jacket with
    a fur hood. Case Number: 07-23-OF

    Details of Disappearance
    Erika Cirioni was last seen on December 31, 2006 or after midnight on January 1, 2007 in the area of Boswell Avenue in Norwich, Connecticut. Erika has not been in contact with friends or family and has not cashed several checks, and hasn't used her cell phone since her disappearance.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Norwich Police Department
    Detective Ed Peckham
    (860) 886-5561

    Source Information
    Norwich Bulletin - January 19, 2007
    Norwich Bulletin - April 19, 2007
    Norwich Bulletin - July 18, 2007
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    Mother Clings To Hope Missing Daughter Is Alive

    The older of Erika Cirioni's two sons had an emotional Christmas wish this year.

    "He said 'Grandma, if she comes home, I'd give away all my video games and everything,' " Erika's mother, Carol Cirioni, said. "He was kind of waiting for her."

    It has been a year since Erika Cirioni, 27, of Norwich, was last seen. Carol said her daughter had stopped at her Norwich home preparing to walk to the First Night celebration. Others reported seeing Erika walking on Boswell Avenue the morning of Jan. 1.

    For Erika's sons, Brandon, 10, and Destin, 6, this was the first Christmas without their mother and their grandfather, who was a staple in their lives. Carol, who works at Foxwoods Resort Casino, now has custody of the boys. She's raising them with help from her three daughters.


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    6 March 09

    It is likely to be emotional today when Carol Cirioni and her two grandsons gather at Norwich harbor to mark the birthday of Erika Cirioni.

    The last time Carol Cirioni saw her daughter was on New Year’s Eve 2006 when Erika stopped in to her mother’s Norwich home on her way to a downtown First Night celebration.

    Today marks Erika’s 29th birthday.

    more at link

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    Crime & Safety: Police seek leads in missing person case

    NORWICH -- Norwich police detectives continue to seek assistance in locating a missing Norwich woman.

    Erika M. Cirioni, 26, was last seen on Division Street in Norwich Dec. 31. Cirioni is a 5-foot 7-inch white female who weighs approximately 158 pounds with red hair and blue eyes.

    Cirioni has not been in contact with family members since she left, and is considered a missing person. Cirioni was last seen wearing blue jeans, sneakers, green shirt with a black jacket which had a fur hood.

    Anyone with information regarding the location of Cirioni is encouraged to call Norwich Police Department detectives at 886-5561, or the Anonymous Tip Line at 886-5561, extension 500.


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    Missing Person: Erika Cirioni disappeared two years ago today
    Norwich Bulletin
    Posted Dec 31, 2008 @ 04:00 AM
    Norwich, Conn. — New Year’s Eve serves as a bitter reminder for Carol Cirioni of Norwich.

    It was the last time she saw her daughter, Erika Cirioni. Erika, 27, had stopped in on New Year’s Eve 2006, on her walk to the First Night celebration in downtown Norwich.

    Two years later, the heartache lingers. Erika’s two young sons now live with Carol in their modest Norwich home where holidays are tough.

    “I think she’s probably no longer with us, but the boys have their hope,” Carol Cirioni said Tuesday. “I’m not going to tell them, ‘Your mother’s probably gone.’ If they have a little bit of hope, I’m not going to destroy that. I want to hope. I just don’t know anymore.”

    During Christmas this year, someone asked one of Erika’s sons if he wanted to snap a wishbone and make a wish. He declined, saying his Thanksgiving wish, “for my mom to be home for Christmas,” never came true.

    ‘A good heart’
    Police said Erika Cirioni, who had some substance abuse issues, was last seen walking on Boswell Avenue after midnight Jan. 1, 2007.

    “She may have had some problems, but Erika had a good heart — sometimes too good,” Carol Cirioni said. “I think she let people take advantage of her.”

    Norwich police Det. Ed Peckham said the case remains open, but the number of incoming tips has dwindled.

    “Every once in a while, we get something to follow from people who knew her,” Peckham said. “We’ve run down everything we can run down. I hate not being able to bring the family, the kids, some closure.”

    Police were active this year, excavating two yards in Preston and Norwich in a search for Cirioni’s body. Both digs, along with others in the past, turned up nothing.

    For New Year’s Eve, Carol plans to head down to the Norwich marina for a vigil of sorts.

    “That’s where she liked to go and sit and think,” Carol Cirioni said of her daughter. “Maybe I’ll bring the boys.”

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    Trail of missing Norwich woman grows cold

    Norwich Bulletin

    NORWICH -- Erika Cirioni missed her son's 10th birthday this year.

    For Carol Cirioni of Norwich, it was a sign her daughter's disappearance has become more than temporary. After more than three months without a word from the 27-year-old mother of two, she refuses to give up the search.

    "I keep hoping," Carol Cirioni said. "She's always stayed close to home where she can see the boys. But we've heard nothing -- except rumors."

    Sometimes Cirioni drives the city streets at night, slowing only to get a good look at the faces of women she passes. Family and friends have joined her in the woods from Willimantic to Voluntown, acting on anonymous tips from unfamiliar voices on the other end of the phone.

    An unidentified caller recently told Carol her daughter's body could be found at Brandegee Lake in New London. She and another daughter, Lisa Mellow, walked the shores of the lake without success.

    "We've been from one end of the state to the other," Mellow said. "You never know if that one rumor is going to be something."

    Erika Cironi's trail has gone cold, according to Norwich Police Detective Ed Peckham. She's left checks uncashed and hasn't used her cell phone since her disappearance. He believes, and so does her family, there are people out there with information who have not come forward. Police continue to follow leads.

    New Year's Eve
    Carol last saw her daughter New Year's Eve, when Erika showered and changed her clothes, planning to go downtown for the First Night celebration. Others report seeing her shortly after midnight Jan. 1, walking along Boswell Avenue.

    Erika became familiar with the streets in past years, getting mixed up with alcohol and drugs and a disreputable circle of friends. It led to several run-ins with the law. Her mother believes Erika suffers from bi-polar disorder.

    But Erika's safety net has always been her mother and three sisters. Her sons, who live with Carol Cirioni, were a constant in her life.

    "None of us have ever been that far from each other," Carol Cirioni said this week, joined by two daughters at her Division Street home.

    And despite some setbacks, those close to Erika believe she was poised to turn a corner in her life.

    "She wanted to change. She tried to get into rehab," Carol said.

    Family said Erika had a great sense of humor and loved playing practical jokes. Her younger son, Destin, 5, reminds Carol of her daughter -- "a sense of humor and a way of aggravating people."

    "She loved getting people really riled up," Carol Cirioni said. "You wanted to get mad, but you were laughing too hard."

    When Erika turned 16, her family threw her a party and hired Barney, the purple dinosaur, to attend as a way of embarrassing her.

    "She hates Barney to this day," Carol Cirioni said.

    Relative Cheryl Raslavsky believes Erika was poised for change.

    'So happy and alive'
    "She was so happy and alive," Raslavsky said. "The streets can take you and pull you in. She had smarts enough to know these people weren't friends. She was stuck in a circle, but given enough time, I do believe she would have gotten there. It wasn't that far away."

    As time has passed, the fliers with Erika's picture and information have started to disappear.

    Jenni Butler of Bozrah spotted the fliers months back and recalled Erika as a childhood friend who "always had a huge smile."

    "Everything out of her mouth would make you laugh," Butler said. "She was the life of the party all the time."

    This month she noticed one place where the flier was gone. She asked about it and was told Erika had been found.

    "It's just scary," Butler said. "She has kids. I can only imagine how my kids would be without their mom."

    The disappearance reminds Butler of her own brother, Darren Johnson, who went missing last year. A month after his disappearance, his body was found floating in the Thames River.

    Carol Cirioni said her grandsons are starting to ask questions. She is trying her best to prepare them for any eventuality.

    "She may be with grandpa (who died in January)," Carol said she told Brandon Cirioni, 10. "If she is, she's in good hands."

    And when they ask, "Grandma, are you going to keep looking?" Her answer is always "yes."

    Reach Greg Smith at 425-4219 or gasmith@norwichbulletin.com
    Norwich Bulletin - http://www.norwichbulletin.com

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    Norwich cold case entering 5th year

    It was another year of unanswered questions for Carol Cirioni, of Norwich.

    It was four years ago today that she last set eyes on her daughter Erika, who was last seen at a downtown New Year’s celebration in 2006.

    For Carol Cirioni, New Year’s has become a somber occasion. This year it’s even worse.

    On Wednesday, Cirioni attended the funeral of her son, Dominic, 36, who took his own life. She believes his death was in some way connected to her daughter’s disappearance.

    “He always played the role of the big brother,” Carol Cirioni said. “He kind of blamed himself for Erika’s disappearance. It just got to him. His heart was just too big.”

    More: http://www.norwichbulletin.com/carou...ering-5th-year

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    Norwich mother won’t give up on missing daughter

    Carol Cirioni says five years certainly isn’t long enough to give up hope.

    New Year’s Eve marked five years since Cirioni last saw her daughter, Erika Cirioni, and the passage of time has not speeded the healing process. There are too many unanswered questions, she said.

    “As far as the police department — I’ve given up hope,” Cirioni said. “But I’m still looking for my daughter. She may not have been a saint, but she’s a human being and she’s my daughter.”

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    Posted Mar 04, 2012

    Erika is mentioned briefly to the right hand side of this article.

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    CT - Montville - Human Bones - Oxoboxo Dam Rd. - were buried - Mar'12 - Erika Cirioni

    On Sunday, police were notified of a suspicious finding in a wooded area off Oxoboxo Dam Road.

    Upon arrival, police discovered what appeared to be human bones, and human skeletal remains that were partially buried.


    The area is now being treated as a crime scene. ...

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    April Dawn Pennington is from Montville


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    While I hope it's April, the facts that came out in the conviction of George Leinart for her murder indicate it probably isn't. It was claimed she was disposed of in a lobster pot, which basically means she is unfindable.


    There are a number of people missing in that area of CT. But let's face it, this area is so relatively small, it could easily be someone from MA or RI as well. Hopefully they're release more information soon.

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    Yeah, given the limited info available, it could be anyone. But I'm not sure I'd take Leinart's word at face value. He might have embellished his account of the murder when describing it to Allain.

    April is the only MP that I know of who was missing from Montville. There are a couple more MP's listed from nearby Norwich.

    Keith Lalima(1981)
    (No Photo Available)

    Erica Cirioni (2006)

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    Towns are very close together around there. Essentially, you can get anywhere in CT from anyplace else in less than an hour and a half. But here are the most likely people if the body has been there a while.

    Kenneth Reed is listed as being missing from Fairfield, but given the case information and my knowledge of the area, he was clearly actually missing from Norwich.


    Julianne Miller is missing from Old Saybrook.


    Charles Lassell is missing from Mystic.


    Kevin Belknap is missing from Stonington, but may have been headed to Ledyard.


    There is also Doreen Marfeo, missing from Rhode Island, but thought to possible have been buried in CT.


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