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    MI - Cynthia Zarzycki, 13, Eastpointe, 20 April 1986

    A man has been charged with murder, even though her body has not been found. She was last seen getting an ice cream cone.

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    That's amazing. I hope they have enough evidence to convict.

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    He was the father of one of her friends, according to this article:

    Ream is the father of Scott Ream, who Cindy had dated around the time of her disappearance. Scott Ream was killed in a car wreck in 1992.

    (I hope the car wreck has been thoroughly investigated...)

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    Cynthia Jocelyn Zarzycki,, 13, Missing April 20, 1986 from Eastpointe, MI

    Cynthia Jocelyn Zarzycki
    Missing since April 20, 1986 from Eastpointe, Macomb County, Michigan.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: June 8, 1972
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 13 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5' 6" - 168 cm, 120 lbs - 54 kg
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Curly blonde hair; hazel eyes.
    Marks, Scars: A light-colored mole over her right eyebrow
    Clothing: A white jacket, jeans and white shoes.
    Dentals: Available. Slight gap in the upper central incisors with spacing between her teeth.

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Zarzcyki left her family's home in Eastpointe, Michigan at approximately 12:30 PM on April 20, 1986. She planned to meet a friend and then go to a function at church.

    She was last seen eating an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen on Nine Mile and Rausch Roads.

    It is possible that Zarzycki may be in Oregon or the Chicago area. She did not have a history of running away from home.

    Zarzcyki lived with her father, brother and sister in East Detroit, and continued to see her mother frequently after her parents divorce. She had played on a church softball team for two years, winning a trophy as most valuable player.

    The day before she vanished, Cindy persuaded her dad to form a new team so her friends could play together, and talked her grandmother into buying her new shoes. She never wore them. Later, somebody who'd been at the Dairy Queen said a girl resembling Cindy had gotten into a blue car. A friend told the family she might have been headed for a party in Pontiac.


    If you have any information as to Zarzycki's whereabouts, please contact:

    Eastpointe Police Department
    Detective Derek McLaughlin
    E-Mail: eplpdweb@libcoop.net

    You may remain anonymous when submitting information to any agency.
    NCMEC #: NCMC791408

    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:
    The Detroit News
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    The Macomb Daily
    The Doe Network: Case File 135DFMI



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    This is great news. Its so inspiring that so many of these 'cold cases' are being looked into again and actually leading somewhere. Thanks for sharing this.

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    That poor girl. She looks and sounds like she was an ordinary, happy 13 year old who'd probably be married with kids of her own by now. I hope there's a successful resolution in this case and Mr. Ream, if he did it, leads police to the body.

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    Cynthia Zarzycki (13) - Eastpointe MI, 1986

    Missing Since: April 20, 1986 from Eastpointe, Michigan
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: June 8, 1972
    Age: 13 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'6, 120 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes. Zarzycki has a light-colored mole above her right eyebrow. She has light-colored highlights in her hair. Her nicknames are Cindy and/or Cindy Jo.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white jacket, jeans and white shoes.

    Details of Disappearance

    Zarzycki departed from her family's residence in Eastpointe, Michigan at approximately 12:30 p.m. on April 20, 1986. She planned to meet a friend and attend a gathering at her family's church during the early evening hours. Zarzycki was last seen eating an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen on Nine Mile Road and Rausch Road in Eastpointe. A witness told authorities that a girl matching Zarzycki's description entered an unidentified blue car outside of the business. A friend of Zarzycki's told her family that she may have been headed to a party in Pontiac, Michigan, but the story was never confirmed. Zarzycki has never been heard from again.

    Zarycki's parents were divorced when she disappeared. She lived with her father, brother, and sister in East Detroit, but saw her mother frequently. She enjoyed playing softball at the time of her disappearance and had won a trophy as the most valuable player on her team.

    Zarzycki did not have a history of running away in 1986. Investigators received over 125 tips after her disappearance, which led them to believe she may have traveled to the area of Chicago, Illinois or to Oregon. A retired police officer once thought he spotted Zarzycki near Eight Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue in Eastpointe, while a security guard reported seeing a young woman matching her description at the K-Mart store on Nine Mile Road and Harper Avenue. None of the sightings were confirmed.

    Authorities learned that Zarzycki dated Scott Ream, who was 15 years old at the time of her 1986 disappearance. He died in a vehicular accident in 1994 and was not questioned about her case. Scott was never considered a suspect in Zarzycki's disappearance. His father, Arthur Nelson Ream, has a history of sex offenses. He served five years for molesting a child in the 1970s and, in 1996, he was convicted of raping a teenage girl. He is still incarcerated in that case. Other females have claimed he sexually assaulted them as well, but he has not been charged in any other cases.

    In 2008, authorities announced they had issued an arrest warrant and planned to charge Arthur with Zarzycki's murder. They believe they had plans to meet at the Dairy Queen on the day of Zarzycki's disappearance, and Arthur was supposed to take her to Scott's surprise birthday party, but there was no actual party and Arthur made up the story so he could get close to Zarzycki. Investigators believe killed her after she resisted his sexual advances, then he disposed of her body afterwards in an unknown location. A photograph of Arthur is posted below this case summary. One of Zarzycki's missing child posters was found among his personal effects.

    Zarzycki's remains have never been found, but foul play is suspected in her case due to the circumstances involved.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Eastpointe Police Department


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    Macomb Daily : Man charged in '86 murder 01/10/08

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    Man charged in '86 murder
    Detective says he kidnapped, molested teen Eastpointe girl, whose body hasn't been found

    By Gordon Wilczynski
    Macomb Daily Staff Writer

    A man accused of killing a 13-year-old Eastpointe girl over 26 years ago was arraigned Wednesday.Arthur Nelson Ream of Roseville pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder.

    Ream is being held in the Macomb County Jail without bond.Eastpointe police Detective Derek McLaughlin said Ream kidnapped Cindy Jocelyn Zarzycki on April 19, 1986, outside a Dairy Queen ice cream store on Nine Mile and Rausch, sexually molested her and killed her.

    Police have not recovered Zarzycki's body.Macomb County assistant prosecutor Steve Kaplan said Ream, 57, killed the girl with premeditation. After he was caught and convicted of a previous criminal sex crime with a juvenile, he allegedly told a friend that he would never again leave a victim behind.

    Judge Norene Redmond of the 38th District Court ordered that DNA be taken from Ream in the event the body is found. Detective McLaughlin said he believes Ream will tell authorities where he buried Zarzycki's body.
    Ream told Redmond that he understands the charge. He also asked the judge to give him a court-appointed attorney.

    When the judge refused to set a bond, Ream replied, "I wouldn't want no bond."

    "Based on the seriousness of this crime and it being a life offense, I remand you to the Macomb County Jail without bond," said Redmond.
    McLaughlin said Ream was serving a sex charge conviction in prison and was scheduled for possible release Dec. 27 when his parole status was revoked last month by the Michigan Department of Corrections, said Kaplan. He will remain in the Macomb County Jail until his preliminary exam at 1 p.m. Jan. 15, said Kaplan.

    Kaplan said he believes the preliminary exam will be canceled and rescheduled to give the defense attorney more time to develop an argument on behalf of Ream.

    Zarzycki's father, Edward Zarzycki, who now lives in Lexington, Mich., with his wife, Linda, said a conviction will give his family some closure but he would like to bury his daughter with his mother, father and a baby that died in 1971.

    "He (Ream) got to bury his son when he died," said Zarzycki. "I would like that same opportunity."

    Ream's son, Scott, died in a vehicle accident.

    Detective McLaughlin said Cindy met Scott Ream at Macomb Mall and became friends. McLaughlin said Scott Ream was out of state when Cindy disappeared.

    Ed Zarzycki said Cindy attended Forest Park Elementary School and Kelly Junior High School. He said she was very close to her grandmother, Frances Zarzycki.

    She played right field and batted ninth for the co-ed softball team at St. Basil's Catholic Church."She got so good the next year that she batted third and played shortstop," said Zarzycki.

    The night before she disappeared, Cindy was grounded by her father. She was supposed to come home at a certain time but missed it by two hours.
    Her father was upset that she walked from Macomb Mall to Seven Mile and Kelly roads in Detroit before going home.Cindy told two girlfriends the night before she disappeared that she was going to meet Ream at the Dairy Queen to go to a surprise birthday party in Pontiac for Scott. There was no party, said McLaughlin. He said it was just Ream's way of getting her to get into his van.

    "We have a multitude of pieces of circumstantial evidence," said Kaplan."But Ream had the opportunity to commit the crime and he was the last known person to see her. The evidence seems to indicate that she willingly went with him," Kaplan said.

    Kaplan said he believes the body is somewhere in the Eastpointe-Roseville area. Ream owned a carpet business and operated out of a warehouse in Roseville.

    McLaughlin said Ed Zarzycki was a good father and kept a strict household. He had custody of his three children.

    Ream was convicted in 1974 of criminal sexual conduct and in 1987 in Warren of conspiracy to commit larceny. He also was convicted in Gladwin of third-degree criminal sexual conduct in 1996.

    Eastpointe police also refuted a recent story in a local tabloid in which former Detroit News reporter Hawke Fracassa claims that a few years ago he spoke with Cindy Zarzycki while researching a story on missing children. McLaughlin said he spoke with a woman in the state of Washington with the same name as the missing Eastpointe girl but the woman is 58 years old and never lived in Michigan.

    The woman told McLaughlin that she never talked to a reporter from Michigan.

    Fracassa wrote that the woman said she was a runaway and it was none of his business why she left.

    Fracassa said the woman told him that she didn't want to be found because her life now was just fine and she didn't want to upset things.

    "The reporter was very irresponsible," said police Inspector John Calabrese. "If he spoke with the woman he should have called us.

    "We have no record of Hawke Fracassa ever speaking with our detectives."Fracassa said he gave the information to police but doesn't know what - if anything - they did with it.

    Macomb Daily : Man charged in '86 murder 01/10/08



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    Search on for body of Mich. girl missing since '86


    MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. Police are searching land near Detroit for the body of a 13-year-old girl reported missing in 1986.

    Eastpointe police Inspector John Calabrese tells WDIV-TV that Arthur Nelson Ream told police Tuesday that he buried Cindy Zarzycki's body near a Macomb Township creek 25 miles north of Detroit.

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    Here's another article

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    MI-Cindy Zarzyczi


    Inmate lead LE to body of Cindy Zarzycki killed in 1986.

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    So he finally did the right thing.

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    I am glad that the family can finally have closure. It must be so difficult for a family to wonder through the years what happened to their loved one.

    I am not glad that this POS is a selfish coldhearted rapist and killer. Wow, so he finally decided to come clean, 22 years later. What a guy. I hope they fry him.
    Cindi Lou

    Some people may consider me crazy, I say I'm just inspired.

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    I am so happy to hear that after this long, she is able to be laid to rest...
    RIP Cindy....

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