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    FL - Family Of 6 Arrested At Mall After Fight Prompted By Saggy Pants

    A family of six was arrested at a Florida mall last week following a melee that cops said was prompted by sagging pants, the Palm Beach Post reported Monday.
    It took about 20 deputies, a canine unit and a police helicopter to apprehend the Leger family, who got involved in the fracas on Dec. 27 after Frantz Leger, 20, was arrested for trespassing at The Mall at Wellington Green, the Post reported. Leger had reportedly been banned from the mall over the summer after wearing baggy pants.
    The family came to the parking lot of the mallís food court as Florida State University business sophomore Frantz Leger was being arrested and attempted to stop it. Family members allegedly began pushing, scratching, kicking, screaming and cursing at cops, according to law enforcement records obtained by the Post.
    more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,319485,00.html

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    It sounds to be like a case of the mall discriminating against those who wear baggy pants. I have never heard of such a thing, we have the 3rd largest mall i think it is, in the US here, and 4 others around the area, and not one of them has banned anyone for wearing baggy pants. I bet they sell baggy pants at that mall, too.
    It's unusual that the whole family joined in the fracas, and it won't help their defense, yet i believe that at the time they were very upset at their son being basically racially profiled, which is understandable. If it were a white kid in baggy pants, such as skateboarder style, i doubt anyone would have banned him.

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    Some place they are trying or have maybe even successfully got a law banning the baggy lowrider pants. I have to look that up.

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    The city of Atlanta has banned saggy britches and other clothing that reveals underwear (including bras).

    This family sounds like a real nice bunch - the 50yo mom kicking and pushing the deputies, the dad threatening to kill them, and the cousin cursing at the crowd. Lovely.

    Whether you agree with the pants rule or not, verbally and physically assaulting the police while they are doing their job is a bad idea.

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