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    FL - Daytona Beach, Woman's body in woods, Jan'08 - Stacey Gage

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The body discovered in a wooded area of Daytona Beach Wednesday night by a police officer who noticed a foul smell was a white woman who had probably been there for two months, police said on Thursday.
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    I wonder if the Daytona SK is back at work..

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    I wonder who the woman is.................

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    The addy:
    A Daytona Beach police officer on routine patrol noticed an odor just after 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in a wooded area near 1650 Hancock Blvd. and discovered the decomposing body.
    Two years later in January 2008, a fourth woman -- 30-year-old Stacey Gage -- was found shot in the head in a wooded area near a former church off Hancock Boulevard. Investigators have never said whether the caliber of weapon used on Gage was a .32-, a .40-, or a .45-caliber gun. But Police Chief Mike Chitwood has repeatedly said that Gage's death was "eerily similar" to the other three.

    No DNA was found on Gage's nude body though, because she had been exposed to the elements for roughly a month before she was discovered by a Daytona Beach policeman


    The body of Stacey Gage was found in a densely wooded area in the 1600 block of Hancock Boulevard, near an abandoned church, in Daytona Beach on January 2, 2008. Officer Chris Reeder was surveying the area, known as a location for illegal activity. Police believe Gage had been murdered where she was found. Recovered video tape shows Gage in a Publix supermarket at what may have been hours prior to her murder. Her grandmother's van, a white Plymouth Voyager was reported missing.

    While Daytona Beach police ramp up their search for a killer, family and friends of a woman who may be the killer's fourth victim are anxious to set the record straight about 30-year-old Stacey Gage.

    Though they said Gage had trouble with drugs in the past, they said she was in rehab and living at home, not on the streets.

    Family and friends said they don't think Stacey fell back to her old ways, but that she may instead have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time when a serial killer went back to his old ways.

    The family didn't want to go on camera, but shared new pictures of Stacey, a mother of two living at home with her mom and grandmother.

    They were sick to learn that it was Stacey whose badly decomposing body was found in some woods off a deserted road near a vacant church.

    The family said she left home without her purse Dec. 10 to grab ice for her mom and somehow fell into the wrong hands.
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