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    OR - Joan Hall, 17, Warrenton, 30 Sept 1983

    Missing Since: September 30, 1983 from Warrenton, Oregon
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: February 24, 1966
    Age: 17 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'3 - 5'6, 110 - 120 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, blue eyes. Hall's ears are pierced. Her nickname is Joanie.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description: A green hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, a blue jacket, and maroon and white sneakers.

    Details of Disappearance

    Hall was last seen walking down Main Street in Warrenton, Oregon at 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. on September 30, 1983. She had left a local store and was on her way to Warrenton Grade School. Hall never arrived there has never been heard from again. Few details are available in her case. She was carrying a brown purse and a blue and white backpack at the time of her disappearance.

    Hall was a senior at Warrenton High School in 1983, and was considering a career in law enforcement after graduation. She is the youngest of six children and is described as a reliable teenager who would not run away from home. Hall is missing under suspicious circumstances and her loved ones believe she was murdered. Both her parents died within a month of each other in 1984, but Hall's siblings are still searching for her. Some agencies give the place of her disappearance as Clatsop County, Oregon.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Clatsop Sheriff's Department

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    This broke on the news here in Portland last night:

    They are linking this missing girl to a skull found near Mt. Hood.

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    wow, I wonder why it took so long for them to put two and two together. They found the JD in 1986!

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    It has been so long. Prayers to her family in this time. If this does turn out to be her, may justice be brought to her killer/s.

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    WOW !! Prayers to her family, that they find peace with this, and that her killer(s) are found and brought to justice. Such a sad story.
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    Any updates on this? Was the Jane Doe positively linked to Joanie?

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    Nothing updated as yet. They did say they were sending her family's DNA to Texas, so it could be awhile before we hear more. Thanks for checking in.

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    Tomorrow marks 25 years since Joanie disappeared. Please keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers and hope that she will be found or identified soon so she and her family can have some answers.

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    The sister of Joanie Hall, missing for 26 years, has passed away without ever finding out what happened to her sister.

    "According to an initial police report that KATU News uncovered a year ago, three boys said they saw Joanie Hall in a Warrenton driveway the day she disappeared. They said she was in Mike Moore’s car at about 4 p.m. But later all three changed their stories and said it wasn’t Joanie Hall. It was someone else, a girl named Treesa Woods."

    More info and photos at link:


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    The article I posted above also has some interesting comments below it.

    Here is a link to Joanie's Myspace memorial page:


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    I found the comment from Mike's supposed girlfriend at the time very interesting. If that is really her, supposedly she was dating Mike when Joanie disappeared, yet she was never questioned.

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    another theory

    Hello. First post so I try to make it a good one After reading the above mentioned article, and the comments of Mike's gf at the time, I studied both police reports. I came to a whole other theory of what could have happened that day. It is actually so obvious to me that I like to know other opinions on this case. I will list some important parts of the reports, and then state my theory.

    Joan Hall, 17 yrs old, wearing blue jeans, blue jacket, green sweat shirt. Dissapeared after getting off a ride with Mike M. at the Mini Mart at around 2:30pm on 9/30/1983.

    Police didn't do much besides searching the area the first days. By the time they started interviewing people already 3 or 4 days passed.

    From the report written by Officer Basch
    Miss Koskela says that in the morning of 9/30/83 she saw and heard Joan talk to Maggie G., Amy M., and Terry H. about someone she liked. In Office Humphrey report she also says that she finds it strange that Joan was friends with Debbie as she was not the type to be running with Debbie that Joan had higher morals than Debbie.
    - When asked, Terry H. said she didn't remember talking to Joan about someone she likes, and that Joan wasn't crazy about any boy. (is she lying?)

    From the report written by Officer Humphrey
    - Interviewed Greg D. if Joan had come over (to the cafe?) to visit. He answered that she was there end of the week (Friday, the day she dissapeared?). Then a Debbie W. stepped in and stated that she had hardly ever come over and that it was about two weeks ago that she was there. In looking at Greg's face it appeared that he conceded with this statement just so there would not be any type of altercation Debbie also stated that Joan had tried to make trouble for her stating to her boyfriend that she was going out on him and it appeared that she held some type of animosity toward the victim (!!!).

    - Interview with Mike M. who gave Joan a ride and dropped her off at the Mini Mart. When Joan came out of the store she did not want another ride and walked towards POP's cafe. He stated that he thought she was going to see friends but did not know who it would be in that direction.

    - Interview with Jack W. who (from his business) saw a young girl that Friday afternoon walking the parking lot (from the Mini Mart) and up onto the dike.

    - Statement by Denise W. that at lunch hour Joan went to the area of the Crab Pot and met either Greg D. or Mike P. She stated that the car that Mike has is yellow.

    - Statement by Amy M. that when Joan went to Snuffy's (for lunch?) she either talked to Greg or Mike and usually no-one else.

    - Interview with Debbie W. Asked if Joan ever talked to Mike P. while at lunch hour and very indignantly she stated that Mike was her boyfriend and that Joan tried to make trouble between her and Mike by telling him that she was going out on him (again!). She also stated that Mike would not know Joan that well.

    - Interview with Karl H. from the pizzeria. He was 90% sure to have seen Joan walking Friday afternoon. He stated that he saw her walking south bound and almost immediately she came back almost running and met a young man (19/20 yrs). He stated that they talked for about 5 minutes and then went across the street and disappeared. He stated that they apeared to be good friends. He wasn't sure about the time but said it would be around 3pm. He stated that she was wearing blue jeans, a grean sweatshirt and carrying a bag.

    - Then there are 2 witness statements of seeing Joan get into a yellow car. One of them admitted to be lying, the other later said it was not Joan.

    - Interview with Debra M. who saw 'Joan' walk with a girl at about 4:30pm. One of the girls was holding a red coke cup like Joan had bought at the Mini Mart but no bag.

    - And of course the guys that saw Joan in Mike's car at about 4pm (who all later changed their statement saying it was another girl).

    Considering the comments of Mike's gf of that time it seems not very likely that Joan would be in Mike's car at 4pm, if she was in his car at about 3pm herself. Then Joan would have been walking around from 2:30pm and Mike would have given his gf a ride (and getting parts for his car) and somehow Joan (after walking around for an hour??) would have gotten back in his car. Besides I wonder if the police ever asked Mike about who was in his car at 4pm. Apparently they never asked his gf???

    There is a whole lot of witnesses who changed their statements or appeared to have lied. Very strange. However, I find the statements from the pizzeria guy very convincing. Also I don't see anything suspicious about Mike M.

    Officer Basch didn't investigate all that much, but Officer Humphrey did at least pay some attention to the people he interviewed.

    Overall, I wonder if there are any more police reports because from these two I get the feeling that not very much was investigated.

    IMO, too much emphasis was put on the theory of Mike M. and the boys who saw 'Joan' in Mike's car at 4pm. I find the behavior of Joan's 'friend' Debbie very suspicious.

    My theory is that there was some gossip going on about Joan talking to Mike about Debbie going out on him. Debbie mentioned that to both police officers so apparently this was a huge deal to her. Maybe Joan even expressed to her friends that she liked Mike as well. I doubt that Joan did talk about Debbie behind her back but with teenage girls, it doesn't take much more than gossip to do the damage between friends. Also teenage girls can be extremely protective/sensitive when it comes to their boyfriends. It could well be that Joan with her high moral standards didn't really fit in the girl group all that well.

    I think that Debbie with the help of Mike (and maybe 1 or 2 other friends, I am a bit suspicious of Terry H.) ) decided to confront Joan. They see her walk from the Mini Mart (possibly they are in the cafe or in the car), and the bf catches up with her, talks with her and leads her back to his car (a yellow one!). Him and Debbie take Joan somewhere and the confrontation ends up in disaster. This was possibly an accident.

    They decide to hide Joan, and cover this up. Mike (and a friend?) take the body of Joan in the car and hide it somewhere. Debbie and friend go back walking (they pickup the coke cup that Joan dropped during the confrontation).

    I like to hear other opinions, and if there is any more information on the case.

    This whole theory is just my opinion of course.

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    Humphreys was the police chief of Warrenton at the time Joan Hall disappeared. And where was girlfriend of the young man who drove Joan Hall to the Mini Mart that day all of these past 26 years before she suddenly announces on the KATU website last month that SHE was with him at 3pm on the day that Joan Hall disappeared?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutegirltoo View Post
    This broke on the news here in Portland last night:

    They are linking this missing girl to a skull found near Mt. Hood.

    Any updates on this?
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    Although it has been well over a year, the DNA from the Government Camp Victim has not yet been uploaded into CODIS for a comparison.

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