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    SC - Marisha Jeter, 16, found stabbed to death in the Broad River, Jan 2008

    Couple charged in stabbing death of vivacious teen

    Always busy, always on the go and always smiling: 16-year-old Marisha Jeter never let her positive attitude waver, and she served as a motivator and source of encouragement to her family and friends.
    Her future was bright. She was an honor roll student. A Beta Club member. A cheerleader. Junior class president at Union County High School. She sang in her church and played flute in the school band. She had a bright pink car that was unmistakably hers.
    She wanted to be an obstetrician.
    But that dream has been snuffed out, apparently by someone from her past.

    More at link:

    What a bright future this young lady had only to be snuffed out by jealousy

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    OMGosh, don't these stupid teenagers think of what lies in their future if they kill someone?

    I guess not.

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    Love triangle ends with cheerleader's death


    UNION CITY, S.C. -- Union City Police Chief Sam White says a married couple has confessed to the stabbing death of a 16-year-old Union City High School cheerleader.
    Pernell Clayton Thompson, 20, and his wife, 19-year-old Yolanda Dee Thompson are being held in the Union County, S.C., jail.
    According to published reports, Marisha Jeter left her Union City, S.C., home Thursday telling her parents she was on her way to McDonald’s. That was the last they would ever see their daughter alive.
    On Friday, Chester County police located a burned car near Highway 9, but didn’t know where it came from or who it belonged to.
    Her body was spotted Saturday in the Broad River under a bridge.

    Yolanda Dee Thompson (left) and Pernell Clayton Thompson

    “That’s when we started putting things together with the car.” Chief White told WCNC over the phone this morning. “(The) Chester County Sheriff’s department had found a burned-out car and when they heard about the body they contacted us. It turns out that was her car too.”
    This apparently all stems from a relationship between Jeter and Pernell Thompson that started several years ago.
    “They were involved for a few years, on and off.” said White.
    Marisha’s father Manning said that the relationship ended a few weeks ago.
    "This is a young man that liked my daughter but he was also married,” Manning said.
    Police say Pernell Thompson married Yolanda this summer. Detectives said that Pernell, a Wingate College football player, had sent Marisha a text message asking her to meet him at a local YMCA to get back his jacket back. Once there, both Thompsons started a fight with the cheerleader.
    “Pernell actually stabbed her.” said Chief White, “but she (Yolanda) also her hit and beat her… And they both helped get rid of the body and burned her car.”
    And after finding Marisha’s body in Broad River, they questioned the pair and made the arrests Saturday.
    But that is not easing Manning’s heart. The current school board member says nothing will ease the pain of what the Thompsons are accused of doing to his daughter.
    "They brutally killed my baby...threw here in the Broad River, left her there Thursday through Saturday,” Manning said.
    A bond has not been set for Pernell and Yolanda Thompson.
    (The Associated Press contributed to this report.)
    Happy New Years

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    Prayers to Marisha's family and friends.
    May she rest in peace.

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    ohh no how awful
    Happiness is the secret to all beauty.
    There is no beauty that is attractive
    Without happiness.
    ♥Christian Dior ♥

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    I was reading about this earlier and it just broke my heart. It's every parents nightmare... I have a teenage daughter who is also a cheerleader and believe me if I have not said this a million times..Girls can be soooo cold and hateful. I bet it will come out that this ''wife'' was the instigator behind this.

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    that is so awful.

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    How sad. I found her myspace http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...endid=58568410. Such a beautiful girl ripped away for no reason

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    I misread the article the first time around.
    She was only 16 years old.

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    The dad said that his daughter and the married man had been seeing each other off and on for quite a while even after he was married last summer. She is only 16 yrs old. The man is 20 years old. It didn't sound like the dad thought there was anything wrong with that.

    The wife must have discovered that they had been seeing each other until recently and wanted to pay her back. That is what it sounds like anyway. Why in the world did they have to murder her??? Now they will pay the price for killing her. What a juvenile thing to do anyway...pay her back. I can't say that I blame the wife for being upset but she carried it way to far. The husband must have followed along like a puppy doing whatever his wife wanted him to do.

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    May she rest in peace she was so beautiful my prayers to her family what anquish they are going thru.

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    Such a beautiful little girl. This is just heartbreaking.

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    What was their motive? Was his new girlfriend jealous of her and wanted him to prove he was over her by killing her? Or is there something else.

    My heart goes out to her family. This has to be so hard for them to deal with.

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    Marisha Jeter's ex boyfriends wife SewingDeb.From my understanding Marisha and the ex broke up a while ago (he got married) but had kept in contact.The wife found out and Marisha had recieved some threats.The ex lured her to meet him using the pretext that he wanted an article of clothing.Once there The ex and his wife jumped her and the ex was the one who gave the fatal wound

    I can just see it now the wife was jealous big time and wanted him to prove his love.

    I don't understand why her parents even let her date him with the age differance.He was a star football player at one time maybe that had something to do with it.There is no way I would let my daughter date someone more than a year older than her or 18 or over.She is 17 now will be 18 in a little over 4 months.I have told her you can date an 18 year old when you are 18 and once you get 18 you can't date anyone under 18.That rule will apply to my sons as well.

    Really wish women and young women would wake up and stop blaming the other girl/woman for what their man does.Killing someone as promising as this young girl was is heartbreaking and I hope the 2 responsible get what they deserve in the court of law.

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    This reminds me of a similar case that happened in Texas a few years back. I can't remember the names of the people involved right at this moment, it was a pretty big story and book & movie were made "The Texas Cadet Murder". Sounds like the same scenario, girlfriend wants boy to prove love by killing ex. Does anybody else remember this?

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