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    CO - Boulder kidnap victim stalked


    About 14 hours after the situation began, Tim Edwards said, his brother found a chance to escape when his kidnapper fell asleep on the floor. As Richards snored, Doug Edwards -- who was sitting in a chair, still connected to the pole -- yanked the handcuffs in hopes they would release...
    ...After blasting his way through fences and over bushes, Doug Edwards told his family, he ran into the street and stepped in front of a young woman driving a pick-up. She didn't stop, so he jumped in the back, ducked down and told her to drive or they would both die...
    The stalker/kidnapper got away and is still at large.

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    how creepy is this!!! it is almost like the plot of a movie!

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    Wow scary!!Glad he got out ok.Loved the part that "he could tip toe out or run screaming like a girl...he chose to run."Thats what I would have done too...after I wacked the guy over the head with something first.

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    Wow!!!! This sounds like a movie on Lifetime! I am so glad that Edwards is okay- he did himself proud!!!!!

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    Since Richards is still on the loose (in my vicinity, no less) I think Edwards needs to get on a plane and join his wife in Kazakhstan.

    Richards is completely whacked and very, very dangerous...IMHO.

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    How scary. I think I would go far away until this psycho is caught. He only dated this man's wife for a couple months and he is this obsessed with her!!

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    I agree, that totally sounds like a movie! How creepy!
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    James Michael Richards, the ex-boyfriend who did this, is 38 years old. He must have some history of strange or criminal behavior to come to a point where he is willing to kidnap and plan to kill a grown man.

    I hope they find him soon, before he succeeds in killing someone else!


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