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    VT - Woman arrested for sexually assaulting teen and she got pregnant

    Click here for the link


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    What is wrong with "adult" females that they have sex with a minor and then get pregnant??

    This has got to be about the 6th time (if not more) this has happend within the last year or so.

    I'm not trying to say that it's okay for men to do the same (i.e. sleep with younger females), but both sexes (male and female) have got to STOP preying on the young!!!!!!!!

    What will it take? Stiffer prison sentences?? They will lose their "home life" as it was known once their discretion is found out. Is losing your own children worth a few minutes/hours of sexual pleasure by someone younger???

    I just don't get it!!

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    My very dearest Littledeer,
    Thanks Littledeer for your post. I do not get it either.

    So much Love and Respect for you,

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    Are these women so lonely and desperate that they prey on these boys?? I agree she is a child molester but it seems like those "teachers" who are molesting these boys are doing it for different reasons than the male teachers who molest.
    I hate child molesters and could really care less about the "why" in most cases but this has gotten way out of control. Young, educated, mostly attractive women whom seem otherwise stable having sex with children is sadly becoming the "norm" (ugh, hate saying that) when molesters are on the news.

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