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    Girl survives attack by playing dead

    Please watch your children y'all. It only takes seconds for someone to snag them. I cannot emphasize that enough.

    I must say this little girl showed incredible courage. From what I read she did everything right. That's why she is alive and the perp is in jail.


    Warning, this article describes in detail what happens to a lot of the kids I represent. Please pray for this little girl. She will bear the scars of this attack emotionally for the rest of her life. I praise Jesus she is alive.

    So proud of her, so very proud.
    Much love to all, Lanie
    Help For The Missing

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    This is SO sad. Thank God he was caught!!!!

    I pray for this family.

    The ordeal and trauma that this child went through and the nightmares that will follow her forever are horrible and unreal. Thank the Lord she survived and with that, has probably saved the lives of others by being able to identify him.

    This is so sad and terrifying to think that she has gone through a life time of hurt in 13 years and that this mother found her child in this condition.

    May God watch over them and keep them close.

    With Loving Prayers and Fast Recovery (physical and emotional),