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Thread: Woman kills husband and two children

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    Woman kills husband and two children
    FONTANA - A man and two young children found dead in a home Sunday were slain by the children's mother, police said today.

    San Bernardino County coroner's officials identified the victims as Marcelo Martinez, 58, and his daughters Amy, 7, and 8-month-old Yomay. Police arrested Bertha Martinez, 35, on suspicion of homicide and booked her into West Valley Detention Center without bail, said Fontana police Sgt. Jeff Decker.

    (more at link plus mugshot)
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    The motive for the killings are not known, Police said the couple had a troubled relationship. They had seperated a year ago, then got back together. He died of blunt force trauma. How sad for this family, what a shame.

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    This type of crime is taking place on a daily basis. I just don't understand why they kill the children. It just makes me sick.

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    I can only think that some strange switch in the back of thier head says that they don't want the children to suffer without parents.

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    The link doesn't seem to work anymore... they must have moved the article. Here's one I found, not sure if it's the exact same one:

    Very sad. I am so sick of people killing their kids.

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    Thanks, JanetElaine! I hate when they change the url.

    Here's another link:
    But the motive may be found among the many stresses that the couple faced, police say.
    At age 35, Bertha Martinez was young enough to be the daughter of her 58-year-old husband, Marcelo, a disabled warehouse worker who police found dead Sunday on the floor of the couple's family room.
    The couple had briefly separated about a year ago, neither was working, and they had been told they would have to give up their rented home because it is in foreclosure, said Fontana police Sgt. Jeff Decker.



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