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    NY - Terry Dupuis for videotaping naked 15yo girls, Brushton, 2007

    SIX MONTHS Jail Time for Man Accused of Video Taping Naked Girls

    (more at link)
    They were 15 years old. He's 54. WTH is the reason he only gets 6 months for this? He installed a freaking camera. This wasn't taking videos of girls at the beach in their bikini's!!!

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    Another stupid judge who cares more about the offender then about the victims. That town should come up in arms. That is the only way the light sentencing of perverts is going to change. The citizens have to stand together and let their voices be heard...letters to the editor...the attorney general...anyone who will listen.

    If I were the parents of those girls I would sue him for everything he has and ever hopes to have.

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    I'm sorry but that sentence is laughable.
    If that pos did that to my girls, he would feel my vigilante justice.
    Kid down the street was caught with 2 joints....sentenced to 4 years. Yet a pos pedophile gets 6 months......unfreakinbelievable

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    I think I'm writing this prosecutor and judge. I'm really pi$$ed off that he's only getting 6 mos. Is he going to have to register as a sex offender? There is something wrong with this sicko! Keep him away from children!!
    During a court appearance this week before Administrative and Supreme Court Judge Jan Plumadore, Dupuis was sentenced to serve five years probation, with the first six months in jail.
    Orders of protection, which will expire in 2016, were issued on behalf of the two teens. (I'm sure that's all that is needed to help them psychologically to get over this. )

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    New York's criminal system can be extremely screwed up, as witnessed by the above article.

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