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    UK - David Martin, 40, beaten & stabbed to death, Mitcham, 27 Jan 2008

    A man beaten to death after defending his son from bullies watched his father die in a similar attack 22 years ago.
    David Martin, 40, was attacked with weapons believed to include a golf club and hatchet after trying to retrieve his 10-year-old son Jamie's football from a neighbour's garden.

    The father-of-three lay dying in front of Jamie, his wife Angela, and their 12-year-old daughter Samantha, in Rutter Gardens, Mitcham.


    Nothing new, i'm afraid. teens are out of control in Britain.

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    These idiots are out on bail.......wtf......
    Did I read it right?

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    I read the story about David Martin today and was sickened. I can not believe that they would stab and beat to death a father, in front of his children, over returning a soccer ball. Losing control and hitting someone is bad but they didn't stop until they killed him with bats, golf clubs and a samurai sword with his children watching it all. It makes me sad that people are so detached and angry that they ruin lives, including their own, over stuff that is so trivial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floh View Post

    Nothing new, i'm afraid. teens are out of control in Britain.
    Wasn't this a whole family though? Ranging from a 69 year old woman to a 14 year old girl ? It semed to me by the article that most of them were older women. That is one thing I found so shocking about the article.

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    "A girl of 14 and two women aged 69 and 41 who were arrested in connection with the attack have been released on bail."
    Unbelievable.. 2 69year old women, a 41 year old and a 14 year old, wtf is wrong with people??

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    From January 2010:


    Gary Kelly, 39, will serve the 11-year sentence handed down to him at the Old Bailey last January after he was found guilty of stabbing David Martin, 37, through the heart with a samurai sword in January 2008.

    Kelly was convicted of manslaughter after defence lawyers successfully convinced a jury he had been provoked into the attack.

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