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    GA - Undercover Video Shows Kids Getting Access To Adult Toys


    Explicit items may also be available for children to buy. NewsChannel5's undercover investigation shows a young boy buying a lollipop in the shape of a male body part.

    Undercover video is here:

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    Geez. They need to use better discretion here. A few thoughts.

    1. Where are the parents of these children? They should be watching their young children in stores. Especially one like Spencer's.

    2. Spencer's should consider not selling items such as these, but if they must, put them on a shelf high enough where children cannot reach them.

    3. The person working the register should using their freaking brain. I would have NOT let a child purchase and item like that. In fact, I would have asked them to get their parent(s) to chew them out for not keeping an eye on their kid.

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    I remember going into Spencer's when I was high school age. Most everything 'adult' was in the back and it seemed you had to sneak back there! I've been in there lately and the "adult" stuff is all over the place. My kids don't hang around at the mall and when we go to the mall, I don't go near the place if we have the kids.

    Hubby and I have gone in and looked around, or bought "gag" gifts there, but not too often.

    I just wonder if these should be in malls anymore, given that lots of parents let the mall babysit their kids for some reason.

    Seems nobody cares about the innocence of children anymore.

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    That is nothing new, at least not at the Spencer's here.
    They've always sold sex 'stuff'. I didn't allow my kids in that store when they were little.

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    I was never allowed in that store when I was a kid. And when we're at the mall and my daughter wants to go in, I just tell her "no, it's not a shop for little kids"...........and then I get "but I'm not a little kid, I'm 11"........

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    I remember being on church trips, and a lot of times we would go to the mall to eat / shop - and some of the kids that people brought along would go and shop at Spencers while we were there. WHO KNOWs what they were buying. I always hated that store. It gave me / GIVES me migraines. Heck, I walk by it and just the flashing lights can set me off!! And plus I found / find a lot of the stuff offensive. Especially those ugly freakin t-shirts.

    True stories peeps!

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    Even many many years ago, Spencer's was considered tres risque...so where do you think all the kids wanted to head when they went to the mall?!

    I laughed about the middle school boy buying a penis pop...when I was a middler schooler, I went to New Orleans on a choir trip and my best friend and I each bought a pair of edible underwear. Kids find all that stuff just as fascinating as many adults.

    Parents should know that Spencer's has these items and guide accordingly, but I don't think this is a Spencer's problem.

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