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    Two Years Gone By

    Gilmore's family seeking closure
    It has been two years since she disappeared

    Two years have passed from the day Ali Gilmore disappeared, and Laurvetta Grimsley-McLawrence is afraid that her daughter has been forgotten.
    "My concern is Ali," said Grimsley-McLawrence, who lives in Riviera Beach. "Where is Ali? Is she the forgotten one? If there's anyone out there who knows anything, it's OK to remain anonymous, but it's not OK to remain silent."


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    I don't know if law enforcement has forgotten, but the community hasn't. I sure don't like this being unanswered, so close to home.

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    I don't understand why law enforcement doesn't do more with the phone call. I think its pretty obvious that whereever this phone call came from is where we need to start interrogating. Do they have the right to keep this secret? I would get a lawyer and ask for a reason this avenue hasn't been pursued more.
    Did the police look at her cell phone records/towers used as well as the person that called?
    Was this her home phone or cell phone? Were there any cell phone text messages?
    Also, you talked to local police... Has this case been taken to the state? Because it seems like you have the right to the phone records unless it is a minor...

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